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Virginia school named for Accomplice soldier renamed to honor Gloomy NASA pioneer Katherine Johnson

Virginia school named for Accomplice soldier renamed to honor Gloomy NASA pioneer Katherine Johnson

Published 2: 50 p.m. ET June 8, 2021


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Katherine Johnson, the honored NASA mathematician who became the topic of the movie “Hidden Figures,” has died at 101.


A Virginia middle school once named after a Accomplice soldier formally has been renamed to honor Gloomy NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson.

The Fairfax school had been referred to as Sidney Lanier Center School for the past 60 years, named after the American poet who became additionally a deepest within the Accomplice military. In September 2020, the metropolis school board made up our minds to procure rid of Lanier’s name after a majority of residents wished the name changed.

Community contributors submitted over 300 original names for the school, and on Nov. 2, 2020, the district licensed renaming the school after Johnson. Other names regarded as incorporated Maya Angelou, Fairfax Woods, Legacy Independence and City.

“Her contributions continued to help the nation and helped make certain that the ‘Eagle had landed…and landed safely,'” said metropolis school board member Jon Buttram in November. “So, I judge it applicable that the name Katherine Johnson for our middle school will encourage original generations of ‘Eagles’ for our community, and I spy forward to watching them cruise.”

‘It is the correct factor to perform’: Florida school board votes to rename 6 Accomplice-named schools

The name, Katherine Johnson Center School, became licensed for the 2021-22 school year and turned into reliable all the design via a ceremony on Friday, with Johnson’s family in attendance.


— City of Fairfax Schools (@FairfaxSchools) June 4, 2021

“We’re happy that they’ve chosen her names out of so many replacement names,” Valerie Johnson, Katherine’s niece and a Fairfax County Public Schools math useful resource specialist, told ABC Washington. “She had very humble beginnings, she wasn’t a prideful particular person, and he or she never truly let other folks know about all her accomplishments. At the same time as a toddler, I did now now not truly perceive the magnitude of her work, but as I turned into an grownup I realized about her huge and indispensable work at NASA and the proven fact that she truly had superpowers, they had been passion, perseverance, and braveness.”

Employed by NASA in 1953, Johnson is eminent for her role within the orbital mission of John Glenn in 1962. Before his flight, Glenn in my thought requested NASA to occupy Johnson toddle the numbers and equations within the laptop by hand on her desktop mechanical calculating machine. She additionally did the calculations for the Apollo moon missions. 

Johnson’s story became portrayed within the 2016 movie “Hidden Figures,” the place she became performed by Taraji P. Henson. The movie additionally told the stories of diversified Gloomy pioneers at NASA in Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson.

Johnson retired in 1986, and in 2015, at age 97, she became awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the US’ very most realistic civilian honor, by President Barack Obama. She died at the age of 101 in Feb. 2020.

The renaming of the school is without doubt possible the most a form of steps that occupy befell within the past year all the design via the nation as social activists name to eradicate away statues or school names with racist ties. Earlier this month, a Florida school board voted to rename six schools named after Accomplice military contributors.


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Virginia school named for Accomplice soldier renamed to honor Gloomy NASA pioneer Katherine Johnson