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Visitors try out new menu at My Pond Lodge

Visitors try out new menu at My Pond Lodge

A range of lucky locals were given the chance to pattern the new menu at My Pond Lodge on Sunday afternoon of Could well well even 16.

Two Discuss of the Metropolis employees contributors joined other associates for the three-direction meal, collectively with wines advised for pairing with the food. There turned into also a feedback procure to tag your decisions and gives feedback, serving to My Pond of their intention to fortify the menu.

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The option of starters were a vegan taco, Thai fish cake with prawns, traditional Caesar salad, Thai purple meat noodle salad or a seafood bisque.

I opted for the Thai purple meat noodle salad and Bryan Smith had a vegan taco. The Thai purple meat salad turned into expansive for a starter. The purple meat and sauce turned into tasty, but the proportion of carrots and onions will be made smaller.

I chose the Creation rose to accompany it, a elegant dry and faded rose which complemented the food.

Smith enjoyed the vegan taco which he acknowledged turned into recent and light. He opted to now not maintain a paired wine.

There turned into a surprise sampler outdated to the foremost direction of slivers of steak from Wagyu and Angus crossbreed cattle raised at Zuney Wagyu discontinuance to Alexandria.

Farmer Denys Wells turned into also a customer at the meal and explained the foundation of Wagyu crossbreeding within the condo.

Rather than massaging the cattle and feeding them beer as the urban legends speak, the animal is kept on the farm for 3 years outdated to it goes to market, requiring feeding and tending over a longer duration than most other breeds.

“Wagyu handiest starts marbling at a later timeline, providing that inter-muscle fat,” he acknowledged. “It’s all about the quality of the fat.”

It also procedure it’s more costly. My Pond associates will be entirely satisfied to learn that the hotel has determined to exercise Wagyu purple meat in future.

For the mains I had the Kavith Tandoori rooster, which turned into a pleasant sized share but very titillating – most seemingly too titillating. Smith enjoyed the lamb rack, which he acknowledged turned into tender and juicy regardless that the proportion will be greater.

Diversified decisions were pork chops, rooster polo pasta, vegetable risotto with prosciutto, or cauliflower vegan steak.

Smith turned into gratified with essentially the fundamental lime pie for dessert, while I had the Amarula baked cheesecake, which turned into also savory and successfully introduced.

Diversified decisions were chocolate torte, ardour fruit crème brule or warm hot pudding.

New long-established manager Pearl Motaung-Mlangeni thanked associates for their attendance and feedback, the chefs for their ultimate work within the kitchen and Stenden hospitality college students for their carrier at the tasting.

“The new menu will scramble stay in June,” she acknowledged.

Visitors try out new menu at My Pond Lodge