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VW Arteon R Taking pictures Brake Overview: Why I Forgave It For Being Underwhelming

VW Arteon R Taking pictures Brake Overview: Why I Forgave It For Being Underwhelming

The Arteon R makes exhaust of familiar substances, leading to predictable and a minute bit underwhelming results. But does that topic?

By Matt Robinson, 14th August 2021

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The VW Arteon R came out merely a minute bit too gradual. Abet in 2017, VW turn out to be mulling over the belief of sticking in a 3.0-litre version of the turbocharged VR6 it makes exhaust of for just a few Chinese language market specials. There had been even just a few VR6-engined Arteon prototypes, but swiftly forward to 2021, and the belief of sticking such an engine in a contemporary car for Europe, the assign there are low snappy moderate emissions figures to meet, isn’t so scrumptious.

So, prodding the birth button in this Arteon R taking pictures brake results now not in a tranquil, sweet six-cylinder song, but the familiar inline-four grumble of the EA888 that powers the Golf R and a lot of, many diversified VW Group efficiency vehicles. One such car is the Tiguan R we reviewed just a few weeks support, which suffers from the the same declare as this Arteon SB – no topic the 2.0-litre engine being tasked with transferring round more weight, it’s no more extremely efficient than it is within the Golf.

It's a handsome car, although it's better still if these standard-fit 19-inch wheels are switched for optional 20s
It be a beautiful car, even despite the proven fact that or now not it is higher composed if these popular-fit 19-lag wheels are switched for optional 20s

Granted, the weight bag is more modest right here (about 150kg) and it doesn’t obtain to contend with a excessive trudge height robbing the sensation of acceleration, but 316bhp composed isn’t somewhat satisfactory. Set your foot down, and the Arteon R feels plenty brisk while leaving you wanting.

By the numbers, you’re taking a obtain a examine 0-62mph in 4.9 seconds, making this two tenths slower than a Golf R hatchback. It’s an the same resolve to the Golf R estate, in any case, but as a ‘superior’ mannequin within the line-up, shouldn’t it obtain more drag?

VW Arteon R Shooting Brake Review: Why I Forgave It For Being Underwhelming - Features

The two.0-litre TSI is additionally a a lot more smartly mannered sounding engine than it passe to be, even despite the proven fact that that’s now not strictly VW’s fault. Giving any engine a stirring soundtrack, to now not utter an inline-four, is less complicated said than performed will obtain to you’re contending with petrol particulate filters. The gearbox is slightly middle of the twin carriageway too, meanwhile. The seven-velocity DSG auto shifts up briskly satisfactory, but there’s a noticeable and frustrating stay sooner than the automobile enables the throttle to originate support up after downshifts.

Sticking with a smaller engine does in any case mean the entrance end is lighter than it might presumably well need been, and seemingly satisfactory, the Arteon R adjustments route correctly. Aiding agility additional, the contemporary R Performance Torque Vectoring system aspects as popular. As you’ve seemingly heard us indicate a amount of events now given the different of vehicles right here is already suited to, the setup enables for a plump variation of the torque break up between axles and the rear wheels.

VW Arteon R Shooting Brake Review: Why I Forgave It For Being Underwhelming - Features

In belief, the plump fury of the 2.0-litre engine can also also be unleashed upon a single rear wheel, which can presumably well form you imagine vitality sliding shenanigans are imaginable. But they’re now not. As a minimum now not on an correct, dry ground – the real time the Arteon gave any sense of prance at the rear axle turn out to be on a nook that had a minute bit free gravel leftover from a form of crappy resurfacing jobs and so they produce within the UK.

Otherwise, it felt grand worship a conventional VW R product, with wholesome phases of traction that at final give technique to predictable understeer. For a ramification of other folks, that’ll be merely exquisite, but will obtain to you space a ramification of importance on how a car feels on country twin carriageway, you might presumably well presumably be left disappointed.

VW Arteon R Shooting Brake Review: Why I Forgave It For Being Underwhelming - Features

The R version of the Arteon sits 20mm decrease than the popular car, and alongside with the snazzy torque vectoring system, you obtain adaptive dampers as popular too. They form the trudge a minute bit too firm for the twin carriageway in R mode, with a larger steadiness given in Sport. If that’s to now not your liking both, you might presumably well presumably exhaust a sliding scale to preserve cease from a ridiculous different of settings.

Plod away the automobile softer, and it’s a unbelievable cruiser. That’s the assign its proper strengths lie, despite the proven fact that the cabin isn’t somewhat as good as the passe one, and despite the proven fact that it’s adopted the garbage and fiddly steering button pad issues VW is spreading all one of many top ways thru its vary. Many miles can also also be dispatched with ease, and surprisingly frugally, with the 2.0-litre engine judging 40mpg will obtain to you’re cautious. Boot home is equivalent to what you obtain in a Golf R estate, with 565 litres accessible with the rear seats up, and 1632 with them folded flat.

VW Arteon R Shooting Brake Review: Why I Forgave It For Being Underwhelming - Features

It’s a ways a pity the Arteon R doesn’t obtain more of its obtain identity, severely when it might presumably well had been so a ways more attention-grabbing. Because it stands, it’s removed from essentially the most pleasurable efficiency wagon accessible. But I’m composed gratified it exists, merely on legend of it’s now not yet every other swiftly crossover. When the Golf estate ticks most of the the same containers, it’s a surprise that VW troubled making any Arteon Taking pictures Brake, to now not utter this R version.

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And what it lacks in spice it makes up for merely by being thing. It’s by a ways essentially the most gorgeous thing VW makes, even despite the proven fact that it arguably wants the optional 20-lag wheels to glance its splendid. Survey it up for some time, and likewise you’ll soon neglect what might presumably well need been.

VW Arteon R Taking pictures Brake stats

Engine: EA888 inline-four turbo

Energy: 316bhp

Torque: 310lb ft

0-62mph: 4.9

High velocity: 155mph

Tag: £52,435 (£57,200.19 tested)

VW Arteon R Taking pictures Brake Overview: Why I Forgave It For Being Underwhelming