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VW Golf GTD Overview: Why Or no longer it is Better Than The GTI

VW Golf GTD Overview: Why Or no longer it is Better Than The GTI

With the GTD better than ever, we’re questioning why you would bear the non-Clubsport GTI in its set

By Matt Robinson, Sixth March 2021

Early Newspaper

The unusual Golf GTI is never any longer a defective automotive. Far from it – VW‘s eighth crack at making its iconic hatchback into an equally iconic efficiency automotive is on the whole very successful. It’s hasty, succesful and delighted, and doesn’t feel the necessity to shout about its attributes luxuriate in a Honda Civic Form R.

If you preferred the closing one, you’ll luxuriate in the unusual one. However it absolutely doesn’t really enact various the venerable GTI Efficiency didn’t. Rather than disturbing you with a slack infotainment draw which you would possibly want to make utilize of to trade the damn temperature on the climate defend an eye on. That’s really unusual.

Whichever Golf you choose, you get a nice-looking, minimalist cabin let down by a sub-par infotainment system and cheaper-feeling surfaces
Whichever Golf you to decide, you procure a nice-taking a leer, minimalist cabin let down by a sub-par infotainment draw and more cost effective-feeling surfaces

It took time to worship how the GTI fared with the ‘going hasty’ stuff. However the GTD? That’s a automotive that unearths its fun side plenty sooner. As soon as you set your foot down, really. The 2.0-litre TDI engine gets uplifts of 16bhp and 15lb ft, giving unusual totals of 197bhp and 295lb ft and making for a nicely punchy engine. The counterfeit noise in Dynamic mode is a small excessive, but that’s a little complaint.

The torque distinction between the GTD and the GTI isn’t as mountainous as you’d accept as true with, despite the indisputable fact that, with the latter now making 272lb ft (which really is obtainable in a wee bit sooner than the GTD’s torque output). However the little advantage in twist mixed with the diesel’s much decrease peak energy point makes it feel without enlighten mercurial. Wringing the GTI’s neck is all neatly and excellent, but the EA888 petrol engine isn’t exactly doubtlessly the most spectacular unit to rev out.

VW Golf GTD Review: Why It's Better Than The GTI - Features

There aren’t many mechanical variations within the GTI and GTD chassis. The substances are largely the same as a long way as we know (we’re gazing for affirmation from the manufacturing facility), and each and each vehicles procure the same 15mm suspension fall and optionally obtainable adaptive dampers. These are fitted right here, and despite the indisputable fact that it’s a few months since we tried a GTI, we reckon the GTD is a tad softer in all modes.

It’s soundless tons stiff in its Dynamic mode, without crashing round uncomfortably on rubbish surfaces. The GTD surprisingly fun left in Consolation, monitoring the side motorway ground better with some welcome yet no longer excessive physique roll. A small of lean isn’t any defective thing at all, despite producers making an try their simplest to fully irradicate it. Having a heavy diesel engine doesn’t appear to bear stopped the front live from being tons willing to trade direction meanwhile, but since doubtlessly the most modern EA888 within the GTI soundless uses a solid-iron block, the burden distinction needs to be negligible.

VW Golf GTD Review: Why It's Better Than The GTI - Features

Where these vehicles enact diverge dynamically, on the other hand, is the ‘VAQ’ electronically-managed locking differential, which will shove up to 100 per cent of torque to both front wheel. Within the UK the GTI has one as frequent, but the GTD isn’t so lucky.

As an change, it depends on an ‘XDS’ brake-basically based fully torque vectoring to mimic the effects of an LSD, and you know what? It works really damn neatly. So neatly, that I felt the necessity to seem at the spec sheet after I received relieve after my first power to gaze if VW had made up our minds to chuck within the VAQ draw this time, which they haven’t. The XDS thing is ideally suited to those forms of energy/torque phases, with an plentiful supply of traction within the dry and an honest amount in damp prerequisites despite how grasping the throttle functions.

VW Golf GTD Review: Why It's Better Than The GTI - Features

The steering doesn’t seem like about speaking anything else from the side motorway ground, but it’s hasty and predictable, no longer no longer up to. Attached to the relieve of the wheel are those horribly apologetical small plastic tabs VW uses as shift paddles across more than one devices, controlling a seven-tempo twin-snatch gearbox that is serviceable ample, if lacking outright immediacy. There’s no handbook choice – sorry.

Whether or no longer it’s the punchier derv supply or the decrease expectations linked to the GTD badge I’m no longer decided, but overall, it’s the automotive I came away with feeling more happy after a nation side motorway blast. And on the system dwelling all all over again, there are the handsome gasoline economy benefits to like. On a speed, it’ll enact over 60mpg with small effort. With a twin-dosing of advert blue (that’s the pig wee stuff), it’s moreover the cleanest TDI ever, VW says.

VW Golf GTD Review: Why It's Better Than The GTI - Features

So it’s arguably a small more fun, it’s more fee efficient, and lastly, it’s more cost effective than the GTI, coming in about £2k more cost effective than one fitted with the DSG ‘field. Until it is doubtless you’ll moreover bear a speak aversion to diesel, the GTD is the one to bear.

The GTI’s largest enlighten isn’t essentially the GTD despite the indisputable fact that, it’s the GTI Clubsport. It’s no longer the largest jump between the 2, and in return for a small more outlay, you procure a better chassis, tremendously more energy and angrier appears to be like. We’ll know for decided when we’ve driven one in a few weeks, but while you’re going GTI, it’s taking a leer luxuriate in a case of hotfoot CS or hotfoot dwelling. Or more precisely, hotfoot GTD.

VW Golf GTD Overview: Why Or no longer it is Better Than The GTI