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WandaVision: So Who Is Kathryn Hahn In actual fact Taking half in?

WandaVision: So Who Is Kathryn Hahn In actual fact Taking half in?

In WandaVision Episode 7, we realized a lovely (or not-so-pretty, reckoning on how deeply embroiled in fan theories that you just can perhaps perhaps also had been since the camouflage’s premiere) reality about Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes. Surprise! She’s in reality been Agatha Harkness all along, and she or he even gets her very have theme tune to camouflage it.

But, love many issues in WandaVision, this expose most attention-grabbing served to enhance extra questions than it answered–namely: Who the hell is Agatha Harkness and why does she matter in Wanda’s story? And naturally, while here’s peaceable deal a thriller for the MCU, we’re going to scrutinize to Agatha’s weird and wonderful comic book historical past for clues.

Early Newspaper

Agatha Harkness changed into as soon as first presented in Implausible Four #94 back in 1970, however sooner than you rupture out the red string and start connecting dots for your MCU F4 conspiracy walls upright yet, know that her function with the first family of Surprise changed into as soon as a itsy-bitsy bit uncommon. In preference to gift as a villain for anybody in the Richards family, Agatha changed into as soon as a governess–a admire nanny–to Reed and Sue’s son, Franklin. Franklin is his have extraordinarily weird and wonderful can of worms, so construct not fright too much about him upright yet. The long and the searching those early tales changed into as soon as that Agatha changed into as soon as customarily a witchy, extra dour version of Mary Poppins. She saved the Implausible Four a handful of occasions, and constantly seemed in a location to out-orderly or out-maneuver their superpowers, despite being a venerable taking a scrutinize venerable lady.

It changed into as soon as printed that, of route, she changed into as soon as anything however a approved venerable lady–she changed into as soon as in reality an immortal witch with roots going back to primitive occasions. She changed into as soon as even among the witches who settled in Salem, Massachusetts back in the 17th century, where she survived the witch trials.

Agatha spent a sizable amount of the ’70s jumping around diverse Surprise titles, helping in the background with her much magic till she in the end got here alive to with Wanda Maximoff, who at the time had magic-essentially essentially based powers reasonably than a mutation. Agatha started tutoring Wanda in witchcraft to support greater hone her abilities and lastly even “helped” Wanda and Imaginative and prescient get pregnant with Billy and Tommy 1.0 (for added on that, test out our breakdown of what is going down on with the twins).

Unfortunately, the magic she labored to permit a human and a synthezoid to conceive had reasonably of a ticket and it changed into as soon as printed that the babies had been in reality “soul fragments” of a demon that Agatha had repurposed. The discontinue consequence changed into as soon as, uh, toddler hands, loads of angst, and a Surprise universe with out a Billy or Tommy for some time (they had been in the end reborn demon-free, though, so construct not fright.)

Here is where issues start to get a itsy-bitsy bit extra weird and wonderful. In preference to ever coming tidy about her soul fragment mess, Agatha opted to easily wipe Wanda’s memory of her adolescence and continue on her merry capability. This labored for a given amount of time–memory wipes had been, and in loads of circumstances peaceable are, a in reality approved allotment of most superhero tales, especially after writers personal painted themselves into reasonably of a corner–however years later, the invoice needed to be paid. This got here by one amongst Wanda’s extra catastrophic breakdowns (no, not Dwelling of M), in the Chaos arc of Avengers: Disassembled, a crossover story that ran in the early ’00s.

Avengers #503
Avengers #503

All by Disassembled, Wanda inadvertently had her memory of her adolescence jogged which location of a series of deeply melancholy events, ensuing in the non eternal deaths of several Avengers and the eventual war of phrases between Agatha and a jumpy Wanda. Interestingly–though it below no circumstances in reality occurs on the win page–Wanda murdered Agatha in cool blood when she realized the reality of Agatha’s schemes, corresponding to they had been.

The reality of the subject is that Agatha’s motives had been below no circumstances explicitly laid out. She changed into as soon as in the end resurrected, however dropped extra into the background, escaping to a existence on Wundagore Mountain largely away from the hustle and bustle of the superheroic world.

Following her debut on WandaVision, Agatha’s set in the dwell-movement MCU is even extra puzzling. Though she has below no circumstances been the warmest or basically the most openly loving personality in Surprise historical past, she’s below no circumstances been a flat out villain, which is what the WandaVision “Agatha All Along” theme tune appears to be like to point out of her dwell-movement counterpart. This would possibly possibly perhaps well upright be an awfully uncomplicated case of the MCU making changes and updates to characters to greater match the story in a recent medium–it positively would not be the first time one thing love that has took place and it most positively would possibly possibly perhaps well not be the final. MCU Agatha would possibly possibly perhaps also upright be an grisly person, paunchy conclude.

Or, there is inclined to be one thing else at play here. Despite the indisputable truth that Episode 7 laid out many of Agatha’s manipulations over the season, it most attention-grabbing answered the “how,” reasonably than the “why.” We peaceable construct not personal any idea why Agatha appears to be like to be puppeteering Westview, what she hopes to form, or why she’s focusing on Wanda in the capability she appears to be like to be. If it is an awfully uncomplicated game of two witches seeking to one-up every other, love some form of superheroic tear on The Craft, would not it had been much more easy to go Imaginative and prescient out of it? And if Agatha in reality is much ample to out-magic Wanda, why your complete Westview pageantry?

Without a doubt, we furthermore construct not know what’s going down on with the twins now, either, which appears to be like valuable. Though Agatha’s force at the back of permitting Wanda to conceive in the comics changed into as soon as inaccurate however in the end altruistic, in the MCU it is inclined to be entirely villainous. Agatha is inclined to be working toward–or working for–any individual who wants that form of “soul fragment” vogue manifestation or vitality to enter the MCU’s valuable reality–any individual love Mephisto, perhaps, or any sequence of the multiversal “demonic” entities the Surprise universe has to present. Without reference to every thing, Doctor Involving villain Dormammu is peaceable obtainable, in principle, and who knows what form of disorders Endgame’s “time heist” causes on his Infinity Stone-constructed penal advanced.

Alternatively, MCU Agatha in reality would possibly possibly perhaps perhaps upright be an grisly one who is precisely in it for herself. Infrequently comic book villains construct not personal subtle schemes for world domination; in most cases they upright must camouflage that they are the correct at what they have–and while you are a witch, that would possibly possibly perhaps perhaps very simply mean making a public camouflage of throwing down with any individual love Wanda Maximoff.

With most attention-grabbing two episodes of WandaVision final, definitive answers are hopefully coming soon.

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WandaVision: So Who Is Kathryn Hahn In actual fact Taking half in?