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Warriors’ Draymond Green blasts NBA teams for double standard in treatment of players

Warriors’ Draymond Green blasts NBA teams for double standard in treatment of players

Printed 6: 26 a.m. ET Feb. 16, 2021


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Draymond Green is never worried about sharing his opinions on the NBA’s greatest news.

Green took honest at NBA teams Monday night after the Golden Instruct Warriors’ win against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Green called out teams for their treatment of players after the Cavaliers elected to sit down down Andre Drummond whereas they fight to find a exchange companion for their starting heart.

“I’d care for to chat about something that is in fact bothering me, and or no longer it is the treatment of players in this league,” Green stated to inaugurate his postgame press convention. “To find out about Andre Drummond, before the sport, sit down on the sidelines, then trek to the lend a hand, and to forestall out in aspect dual carriageway garments because a crew is going to replace him, or no longer it is (expletive).”

Draymond calls out the NBA’s double standard for players who inquire of a exchange vs. teams who sit down a participant in expose to replace them pic.twitter.com/nKcbKvA2MM

— Warriors on NBCS (@NBCSWarriors) February 16, 2021

Green spoke uninterrupted for about three minutes and blasted teams for what he perceives as a double standard on trades.

“As a consequence of when James Harden requested for a exchange and definitely dogged it … nobody’s going to fight lend a hand that James became as soon as dogging it his final days in Houston,” Green stated. “But he became as soon as castrated for wanting to switch to a rather a lot of crew and all individuals destroyed that man, and but a crew can near out and content, ‘Oh, we want to replace a man,’ and then that man has to switch sit down, and if he doesn’t stay professional then he is a most cancers, and he is no longer right in a persons locker room, and he is the problem.”

ESPN reported Monday that Drummond will remain with the Cavaliers but will no longer play whereas the crew seeks a exchange. Earlier in the day, the Detroit Pistons announced they had been pursuing the identical draw with Blake Griffin. The Pistons stated they belief to section ways with Griffin thru a exchange or buyout, with Griffin no longer playing till the insist of affairs is resolved.

“At some point, as players, we must be handled with the identical appreciate and admire the identical rights that the crew can admire,” Green stated. “As a consequence of as a participant, you are the worst particular person in the enviornment whereas you desire a rather a lot of insist of affairs. But a crew can content they’re trading you. And that man is to stay in form, he is to stay professional. And if no longer, his occupation is on the line. At some point, this league has to present protection to the players from embarrassment care for that.”

Drummond, 27, is averaging 17.5 points and 13.5 rebounds in 25 games this season. Cleveland obtained the two-time All-Indispensable particular person from Detroit at final year’s exchange deadline in February. This year’s deadline is March 25.

Drummond has no longer publicly requested a exchange, which might possibly advantage a fine from the NBA. However, the Cavaliers admire made it known his time in Cleveland is coming to an ruin, a double standard that doesn’t sit down well with Green.

“As players, we’re informed, ‘No, you might possibly no longer content that, you might possibly no longer content this.’ But teams can?” Green stated. “It goes along the identical lines of when all individuals wants to bid, ‘Ah man, that younger man cannot determine it out.’ But nobody wants to bid the organization cannot determine it out. At some point, the players must be respected in these eventualities, and or no longer it is ridiculous and I’m in abominable health of seeing it.”


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Warriors’ Draymond Green blasts NBA teams for double standard in treatment of players


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