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Water crisis plan to avoid ‘Day Zero’ in Nelson Mandela Bay

Water crisis plan to avoid ‘Day Zero’ in Nelson Mandela Bay

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is preparing for Day Zero. Mayor Nqaba Bhanga announced a water crisis plan to be applied in the match of taps running dry as dam stages continue to plunge.

“In the match that we enact no longer accumulate any favourable rains, and our dams enact sprint dry, we’re additionally putting emergency measures in swear to provide water to these areas that will be worst affected, and the put aside taps can sprint dry,” said Bhanga.

The emergency measures that will be put in swear include water tanks.

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“These measures include the establishment of standpipes and water tanks, the put aside communities will be ready to get water for considerable use,” he said.


The water crisis in Nelson Mandela Bay is so dire that taps is anticipated to sprint dry by 1 July.

“We are going to seemingly be rolling out greater stage C water tariffs for residential, business and industrial, as smartly as institutional and authorities customers,” said Bhanga.

The mayor has informed residents to work together and put water.

“We’re all in this together, and now, greater than ever earlier than, we need to work together. The extra water we put, the longer the water in our dams will remaining. The longer the dams remaining, the simpler the probability of rain to come and have the dams, the extra time we now hold till the delayed very long time length water augmentation initiatives are performed. Together we are able to beat a dry July.”

The most interesting risk to the Metro is that dam stages continue to plummet and are currently sitting at factual 13%.

The municipality has additionally identified extra water sources in the match of Day Zero.

“The municipality has been working to name extra water sources, comparable to groundwater from boreholes round the Metro, to increase water provides. Water stages at the Impofu Dam are already under that that would perchance well also fair be extracted, so the municipality has deployed pump barges to access this unnecessary storage ability,” said Bhanga.

The water crisis plan includes the conversion of the Grassridge Reservoir into a transient-time length water cure facility, producing an extra 35 megalitres of potable water a day. 

“We cannot beat this crisis on our hold – we need to companion with you, our residents. The moderate each day water consumption in the Metro is sitting in scheme over 301 million litres a day. We need to lower this to as a minimum 250 million litres a day, if we’re to win any impact in the bustle at which our dams are depleting,” said Bhanga.

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Water crisis plan to avoid ‘Day Zero’ in Nelson Mandela Bay