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We put more than a dozen leggings to the test, but four stood out

We put more than a dozen leggings to the test, but four stood out

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Chances are, whenever you’re reading this you’ve long past thru your fair share of leggings over the years — and perhaps you’re searching for a original scramble-to pair to swimsuit your desires. Easier said than executed in an oversaturated market and when procuring them on-line sooner than making an attempt them out for dimension, we know.

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So we rounded up 10 staffers who wear a range of sizes (and who all have some fairly stable opinions on leggings) to test over a dozen pairs in a quest to derive the very most efficient of the most efficient, each for everyday wear and for working out, when it comes to quality, comfort, fashion and more. Unnecessary to say, we understand that as with any fashion alternative, what some concentrate on fashionable others may no longer, so we made certain to cull as many thoughts as conceivable and present our collective consensus where applicable. Keep that for accurate comparison’s sake, all of the pairs we tested were excessive-waisted and black or dark-colored. Whereas most of the leggings we tried had their merits, ultimately four stood out to us.

In the occasion you’re searching for a legging that does it all, you can’t scramble sinful with the Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket II 7/8 Tight. Featuring, as its name suggests, pockets stout enough to stash issues love your mobile phone or wallet, we beloved this pair for its comfort throughout workouts and everyday activities alike, excessive-quality building, earn waistband and chic aesthetic.

Serious yogis and health buffs in the hunt for a legging that will let them focal point on their actions and perhaps make them disregard they’re wearing any leggings at all won’t be let down by the Lululemon Align Pant, long regarded as a cult-favorite fashion — and, as we found, for lawful reason. Light-weight yet opaque, the Align’s buttery-comfortable really feel and the stretchiness it supplied were love no other legging we tested.

Typically, you suitable want to wear leggings as pants — perhaps now more than ever. And whereas you accomplish, you’ll want to reach for the Zella Live-In Excessive Waist Legging, whose durable, a bit of heavier-weight, compressive but non-constricting fabric and ability to pair with virtually anything in our wardrobe won us over.

A more wallet-friendly option to the other winners on our listing, Colourful Koala Ladies’s Excessive Waisted Yoga Pants are comfortable, comfortable leggings — with substantial pockets to boot — that we found as a lot a pleasure to wear throughout workouts as we did lounging around the home. They’re also available in a whopping 33 colorways, so you’re certain to derive one (or several) that suits your fashion.

Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket II 7/8 Tight


Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket II 7/8 Tight

We’ve long been fans of the Athleta brand for all issues active-related (together with their breathable masks for working out), and so it was no surprise that we were past impressed by the Salutation Stash Pocket II 7/8 Tight. A newer model of Athleta’s customer-favorite Salutation Stash Pocket Tight, this pair is crafted from the same fabric as the original but with some improvements, love a sturdier waistband and fewer seams for a smoother legging.

The breathable leggings are made from Powervita fabric, a blend of nylon/Lycra spandex that the brand describes as having “interlocking building to present gentle compression that delivers suitable-factual toughen.” Based on our testing, we can certainly verify this to be accurate: After each working out in these and wearing them for everyday activities — together with a total lot of lounging around the home — we found the leggings were equal parts comfortable, sweat-wicking and flattering. Even after wearing them a few days in a row without washing them, they persevered to be formfitting and didn’t stretch or sag in any areas. We had no points with the earn waistband.

The Salutation Stash Pocket II is available in sizes XXS–3XL in its regular inseam length (25 inches), XXS–XL in the tiny inseam (23 inches) and XS–XL in tall (28 inches). For taller folks or those searching for a beefy-length legging, the fashion is also available in inseams up to 30 inches. We found sizing to be accurate, and appreciated how opaque the pair was — no chance of a examine-thru surprise whereas wearing these. They also feature discreet aspect pockets that lie flat against the legging, for convenience that doesn’t add any bulkiness to their way, a particular surprise since the pockets are substantial enough to fit a mobile phone or wallet. In eight muted colours, together with a lot of neutrals, its aesthetic doesn’t scream “workout legging,” and lets examine ourselves suitable as easily wearing it to brunch as lets to the health studio. And for outdoor wear, this pair has the added bonus of UPF 50+ for safety against UV rays.

After washing and drying these leggings several times throughout our testing, we didn’t search for any noticeable pilling, fading or stretching, although one in all our testers did gape some lint/pet hair buildup, which was easily removable with a sticky curler. (Keep that we plan on updating this allotment ought to level-headed we search for any significant wear and tear or points with durability after even more extended wear.)

We realize that a near-$100 price point may cause some sticky label shock, but you derive, as they say, what you pay for: In this case, excessive-quality, versatile leggings with all the features and comfort you’d examine in an ideal pair for each everyday and excessive-impact activities. As one in all our testers put it, “Here is my first pair of upscale leggings and it’s a world of dissimilarity.” In the occasion you’re searching for comfortable, durable, fashionable leggings that you can seamlessly take from an outdoor hasten to a meal with pals, we can’t imagine a higher pair than this one.

Lululemon Align Pant


Lululemon Align Pant

The Lululemon brand is practically synonymous with the notice “athleisure,” and whether you adore it or adore to hate it, one thing is certain: Lululemon makes some critically fantastic leggings with a fandom that can easiest be described as cult-favorite status. Gallop, $98 may seem love a steep price to pay, but whenever you’re critical about your health and/or yoga gear, there are several reasons you’ll want to add the Lululemon Align Pant to your workout wardrobe.

Touching the fabric of the Align, to the Lululemon learners in the room, is a sensation love none other, giving original meaning to the phrase “buttery comfortable.” (Certainly one of our testers may or may no longer have audibly oohed and aahed the first time she put them on.) The leggings scored ideal marks for everyday comfort and stretch and nearly ideal marks for comfort throughout excessive-impact activities; we soon came to understand what individuals mean when they say they truly disregard they’re wearing any leggings at all with these on. We beloved how lightweight yet opaque this pair was, and how earn the excessive waistband remained throughout workouts. Most effective one tester had an situation with the waistband rolling, but that appeared to be an situation due to sizing: Based on our abilities (and on a lot of customer opinions noting the same), we may suggest sizing down one dimension for the most comfortable fit. As a bonus, the nylon-Lycra elastane fabric appeared to magically repel pet hair for one in all our testers who is traditional to residing her lifestyles in black leggings lined in white canine and cat hair.

A couple of caveats: The material is a bit too thin to wear comfortably on cool days outdoors for an extended time. (We learned this the hard way whereas wearing the Aligns throughout a socially distant brunch outdoors in near freezing temperatures.) Also, according to our long-term wearers on staff, they tend to capsule on the inside of thighs over time whenever you don’t have a thigh gap — and truthfully, how many of us accomplish? — but it isn’t terribly noticeable and has by no means resulted in holes or tearing.

The Align Pant is available in sizes 0 thru 20, and in three inseams: 25-lag, 28-lag and 31-lag (they examine you, tall individuals!). Colour offerings depend on the inseam, with the cropped model coming in 17 colours and patterns, the heart inseam in 9 and the tallest inseam in four. With a basic silhouette, the pair also features a hidden waistband pocket stout enough to fit a credit ranking card, small stash of cash, or a key.

In the occasion you’re searching for a sweat-wicking, breathable legging that’ll transfer with you no matter what kind of workout you’re doing, and one that’s so comfortable you’ll nearly disregard you’re wearing them at all, the Lululemon Align Pant is an funding we can derive in the back of.

Zella Live-In


Zella Live-In

Ah, the age-old-fashioned debate: Whether leggings can double as pants. Whatever your feelings were on this polarizing quiz sooner than the pandemic? Yeah, we’re gonna scramble ahead and assume that nowadays it’s a resounding yes across the board.

For what it’s value, we’ve always been on team Leggings as Pants, and after testing out the Zella Live-In Leggings, even more so. They’re designed love your standard pair of everyday leggings — seams on either aspect, gusset for additional toughen, vast waistband — with easiest a small, penny-sized circular brand near the hip. As an added bonus, they feature a blink-and-you’ll miss it discreet pocket on the left aspect of the waistband suitable stout enough for a credit ranking card or some keys (as a lot as we tried to wedge one in, our mobile phone suitable wouldn’t make it).

Whereas we didn’t derive these leggings ideal for sweaty workouts due to their shapewear-love, compressing fit, that’s the very same reason we loved them as everyday pants to rock throughout our work-from-home day, walks around the neighborhood with our canine and even suitable napping on a lazy weekend. They’re crafted from a poly-spandex blend that feels excessive-quality and successfully value their $59. We were fans of the earn waistband that didn’t sprint (even throughout workouts), and as one in all our testers put it, “These wouldn’t be my scramble-to exercise leggings, but I’d positively throw them on if I were being lazy and wearing leggings to work or out to a bar.” (Bear in mind casually going out to bars?)

Available in sizes XXS–XXL (or roughly sizes 00 thru 20), with sizing that we found to be accurate, the Zella Live-In is available in six colours. One tester at 5’8” regarded as these to be the ideal length, but those on the shorter aspect ought to level-headed reveal, on the other hand, that the inseam length for dimension medium is 28.5 inches. Fear no longer, as they’re available in a cropped model (with aspect pockets!) as successfully.

We also appreciate that the Zella leggings are made in a factory that, according to the product’s description, “helps ladies worker empowerment thru HERproject, which creates partnerships to enable workplace-based interventions on health, financial inclusion and gender equality.”

They held up successfully after some rounds thru the wash, and one one-term wearer of this pair notes that she’s washed them endless times and they’ve remained a dark black and not utilizing a pilling; one editor seen minimal pilling near the thighs after prolonged wear. Given their comparative mid-range price point, we predict whenever you’re searching for brand spanking original leggings to pair with your boots and plump sweaters in the winter and sandals and breezy T-shirts in the summer, these are the most efficient your cash can eliminate.

Colorful Koala Women


Colourful Koala Ladies’s Excessive Waisted Yoga Pants 7/8 Dimension Leggings with Pockets

Perhaps you’ve stumbled across leggings from this delightfully named brand on Amazon and, love us, immediately wondered, “May more than 20,000 5-star opinions be sinful?” Successfully, reader, it turns out, they couldn’t: In our conception, the Colourful Koala Ladies’s Excessive Waisted Yoga Pant is certainly a 5-star budget-priced legging that ticks fairly a lot all the bins given its affordable price point.

We beloved how supportive the stretchy, comfortable material was throughout workouts, and although these leggings aren’t as buttery-comfortable or “2nd pores and skin”-level stretchy as the Lululemon Align Pant, for almost a quarter of the price tag they approach fairly darn discontinuance. Whereas one in all our testers had points with the waistband periodically rolling down, she level-headed appreciated how earn the leggings made her really feel whereas exercising, particularly given the price.

And they approach thru in the durability department as successfully. One editor who’s been wearing this pair regularly since last year notes that whereas they accomplish start to attract fuzz and fade after some time, after wearing them at least twice a week for several months, she even found them to be preserving up higher than her Align leggings as far as pilling. We also seen that they did a lawful job of repelling pet hair, as the fibers of this poly-spandex fabric don’t seem to attract stiff hairs but rather allow them to scuttle factual off.

Available in 33 colours and patterns (we’re partial to the various shades of camo), these Colourful Koala leggings approach in sizes XS-XL. Whereas we accomplish wish they supplied more expansive sizing choices, whenever you peep your dimension isn’t available, for a similar pair at the same price point, the CRZ Yoga leggings are a considerable budget runner-up that also offers sizes XXS and XXL (scroll down for the beefy assessment of these). Whereas these Colourful Koala leggings approach easiest in an approximately 25-lag inseam, the brand also offers a beefy-length legging with a 28-lag inseam that trades aspect pockets for a hidden waistband pockets; although it also has tens of thousand of 5-star opinions, we didn’t test this pair four ourselves, although, so can’t vouch for its quality.

Basically: For below $30, we predict you’ll be more than pleased by the quality, fit and comfort of these leggings.

We researched the top leggings on the market as successfully as regarded as staff-suggested pairs that our editors have aged for years — for each working out and everyday wear, across a range of costs — and settled on a pool of 13 to put to the test.

We wore each legging several times, each sooner than and after washing it, throughout excessive-impact, sweaty workouts as successfully as for lounging around the home and low-impact everyday activities to establish how comfortable each pair was overall. We regarded as whether the waistband rode up or rolled down throughout workouts, and if the leggings pinched or were otherwise uncomfortable to wear. We washed each pair at least four times, noting if running them thru typical wash and dry cycles resulted in any noticeable pilling, fading or change in softness; we also seen whether the leggings attracted lint and pet hair, and traditional additional anecdotal evidence about durability from staffers with any long-term abilities with leggings we tested. We regarded at whether sizing was accurate and aligned with our normal sizes and if the leggings fit successfully across a range of physique styles.

We also regarded as the range of sizes, inseams and colours available, as successfully as factored in our collective (albeit subjective, for certain) thoughts about each pair’s stylishness. We notorious when pairs had fewer seams (which usually leads to less chafing, more comfort and a more flattering fit overall) and if they were designed with a gusset (a allotment of material sewn into the crotch area to enhance it, ensuing in a more durable legging).

Finally, we gave every pair the “squat test” to examine how opaque the material was, notorious how moisture-wicking the fabric appeared to be throughout runs/workouts, regarded at how a lot stretch and stream the fabric had and regarded as whether the leggings were crafted utilizing eco-friendly, sustainable and/or organic materials.

Based on the categories and testing procedures listed above, we gave all leggings a uncover in each subcategory, blended those numbers for a maximum uncover in each category, then totaled those numbers for a final overall uncover. We broke down the rankings as follows:

  • Goal/fit had a total of 50 formulation: comfort (20 formulation), durability (15 formulation), fit across sizes (10 formulation) and sizing accuracy (5 formulation)
  • Vogue had a total of 45 formulation: dimension availability (10 formulation), inseam availability (10 formulation), shade availability (10 formulation), general aesthetics (5 formulation), seams (5 formulation) and gusset (5 formulation)
  • Material had a total of 35 formulation: opacity (10 formulation), moisture-wicking ability (10 formulation), amount of stretch (10 formulation) and eco-friendly and/or organic fabric (5 formulation).

We also took value into consideration, weighing the leggings’ price formulation against their quality.

Lululemon Wunder Underneath Excessive-Upward push Tight ($98; lululemon.com)

Lululemon Wunder Under High-Rise Tight


Lululemon Wunder Underneath Excessive-Upward push Tight

Whereas this pair didn’t moderately have that “2nd pores and skin”-fashion stretch to it as the Lululemon Aligns did, we were level-headed impressed by their comfort and performance. We appreciated their supportive but non-constricting waistband, their opacity and their soft, comfortable really feel to the touch. Some long-term wearers of the Wunder Unders have notorious they’ve held up exceedingly successfully after years of washes, and not utilizing a pilling, lint or fading to reveal, making them a considerable funding for their nearly three-establish price tag.

Our testers regarded as this pair fashionable enough to wear outside of the health club (they also have a hidden waistband pocket stout enough to fit a credit ranking card), and their thicker fabric makes them a lawful alternative to wear in chillier weather too. That said, a few of us felt the material was a cramped too thick and constricting for optimally comfortable workouts in warmer weather, and one found the waistband to generally roll beneath her stomach button throughout workouts, which wasn’t ideal. If, on the other hand, you’re searching for leggings that really feel a bit more love shapewear and present you with that “held in” feeling — and/otherwise you want a lawful pair for running outdoors when the weather isn’t sweltering — these are a great option that have proven graceful at standing up to years of wear. They’re available in sizes 00–20, in 25-lag and 28-lag inseams and seven colours.

Lady friend Collective Compressive Excessive-Upward push Legging ($68; lady friend.com)

Girlfriend Collective Compressive High-Rise Legging

Lady friend Collective

Lady friend Collective Compressive Excessive-Upward push Legging

We found these leggings to be very comfortable for everyday wear, and they racked up a ideal uncover in opacity, passing the squat test with flying colours. Each pair is made from recycled water bottles (25 of ‘em, to be exact), and we’re stout fans of Lady friend Collective’s ethos of creating sustainable garments and upholding ethical work environments.

A few other issues we beloved about these leggings: They’re available in perhaps the widest range of sizes of all the pairs we tested, from XXS–6XL (for context, they accommodate waists from 22.5 to 52 inches and hips from 32 to 62.5 inches), and their three inseams also span a vast range (19.5, 23.75 and 28.5 inches), so finding the ideal length no matter your peak is in the bag. From our abilities, they seem to be fair to dimension. The leggings are available in six colours as successfully as four additional limited-model colours at the 2nd. They also wash and dry beautifully, taking a be taught as lawful as original after several wash cycles.

The material, fair to this product’s name, is compressive without feeling restrictive, plus the leggings also feature a lot-coveted small aspect pockets. This pair ultimately didn’t snag a successful place, on the other hand, because we found them to be a bit too stiff for comfortable excessive-impact workouts, and our testers had mixed feelings about the waistband constantly staying put throughout an exercise session. In the occasion you’re searching for a pair of everyday leggings that you can really feel lawful about wearing, although, we predict these are a stable pair — and we appreciate the brand’s dedication to inclusive sizing and eco-friendly manufacturing.

CRZ Yoga Excessive-Waist Tight Yoga Pants (starting at $26; amazon.com)

CRZ Yoga High-Waist Tight Yoga Pants


CRZ Yoga Excessive-Waist Tight Yoga Pants

Lengthy regarded as a budget-friendly pair comparable to the ranks of Lululemon’s Align, we sought out to derive out if the comparison was warranted. What we found was a legging that delivers a total lot for a relatively paltry price tag. Available in a whopping 41 colours and patterns, aesthetically these leggings are a no-frills pair that certainly really feel almost as buttery-comfortable as the Aligns, albeit a tad less sturdy. (They also feature a cramped hidden waistband pocket, love the Align.) Whereas most of us found them to be as comfortable for intense workouts as for lounging around the home, nearly forgetting we were wearing any leggings at all, one tester did have some points with the waistband, which tended to roll down constantly throughout runs.

A few other reasons we didn’t ultimately name the CRZ Yoga leggings our most efficient budget pair: Larger sizes tended to be less opaque, and the fabric attracted more lint and pet hair than we’d steal. Calm, after several washes, we didn’t search for any noticeable pilling or fading, and they remained as comfortable and comfortable as the first wear. We also appreciated that these leggings are available in sizes XXS thru XXL, a wider range than most of the budget-priced pairs we tested.

The Colourful Koala leggings edged out this pair by suitable a cramped margin, pushed ahead because of its handy larger pockets and a more earn waistband. And love with the Colourful Koala leggings, whenever you’re on the taller aspect, you probably can derive the cropped length a tad too fast, namely for outdoor wear in less warm weather, but they are also available in a 28-lag inseam (again, although, we didn’t test the beefy-length option ourselves).

Leggings Depot Excessive-Waisted Legging (starting at $9.99; amazon.com)

Leggings Depot High-Waisted Legging


Leggings Depot Excessive-Waisted Legging

Given this pair’s over-15,000 5-star ratings and $10 price point, we knew we had to strive it for ourselves to examine what all the hype may well be about. May all these customers be sinful? Successfully, yes and no. For 10 bucks, you derive what you’d examine: a great-comfortable pair of leggings, and that’s about it.

Unlike all the other leggings in our testing pool, this pair is no longer designed with a gusset, meaning that it’s more seemingly to be vulnerable to tearing at the crotch area. Whereas the leggings scored excessive marks in the opaque and stretchiness categories, and they’re comfortable each inside of and out, they’re no longer optimal for working out, as the material is a bit too thick for for ideal comfort throughout a sweat sesh, and they didn’t seem to be very sweat-wicking either (no longer a surprise given their low price point). In the occasion you’re searching for a pair to lounge around or sleep in and no longer a lot else, although? These will accomplish suitable delicate, and you won’t break the bank stocking up on a few. They’re also available in a staggering 44 colours and patterns.

Ancient Navy Excessive-Waisted Elevate Compression Leggings ($18, originally $29.99; oldnavy.gap.com)

Old Navy High-Waisted Elevate Compression Leggings

Ancient Navy

Ancient Navy Excessive-Waisted Elevate Compression Leggings

We were pleasantly bowled over by this pair, given their budget price point. The Ancient Navy leggings retained their shape and shade really successfully (even after a number of washes), were exceedingly cozy and breathable, and are designed in an unassuming way that makes wearing them as part of a non-workout outfit easy-breezy. The beefy-length leggings are no longer easiest available in sizes XS–XXL, but they also approach in three inseams, 26.5, 28 and 31 inches, the latter of which — bonus for the taller folks in the room — is among the longest inseams supplied out of all the pairs we tested.

Whereas they are crafted with a moisture-wicking poly-spandex blend, they didn’t ultimately snag a successful place, as we found the Colourful Koala pair to have a more flattering fit (one in all our testers notorious the Ancient Navy leggings pooled at the ankles a bit), with the addition of pockets and a material that wasn’t a magnet for lint and pet hair, as these tended to be.

Fabletics Trinity Excessive-Waisted Utility Legging ($84.95 for non-individuals or $59.95 for individuals; fabletics.com)

Fabletics Trinity High-Waisted Utility Legging


Fabletics Trinity Excessive-Waisted Utility Legging

There wasn’t a lot no longer to love about this pair of leggings — in fact, it scored top marks fairly a lot across the board, with particularly excessive rankings for each comfort and stylishness. We adore that these have pockets (each aspect pockets and a discreet back zipper pocket), how they fared successfully after a number of wash-and-dry cycles, snapping factual back into shape and taking a be taught lawful as original, and how successfully they saved us warm outdoors in near-freezing temperatures. They approach in three inseams, are supplied in sizes XXS–4XL and are available in 11 colours, from neutrals to intellectual and gallant hues.

A few issues to mention: Although certainly precious, the pockets don’t lie flush against the shape of the leggings, so when sitting down they more or less stuck out. Also, after hours of wear, one in all our testers notorious that the compressing excessive waist started to really feel a cramped tight. Certainly one of the main reasons we didn’t crown these our overall successful pair, although? Fabletics’ subscription-based trade model. Whereas original individuals can snag two pairs for the ridiculously wallet-friendly price of two for $24, existing individuals pay $59.95. In the occasion you don’t want to commit to a $49.95-per-month membership, you’ll be shelling out $84.95 per pair. In the occasion you’ve already bought into the Fabletics membership or are thinking about it, you can’t scramble sinful with these leggings.

Oalka Ladies Yoga Pants Workout Running Leggings (starting at $9.99; amazon.com)

Oalka Women Yoga Pants Workout Running Leggings


Oalka Ladies Yoga Pants Workout Running Leggings

What we beloved about these leggings: They’re available in 61 (nope, no longer a typo!) colorways and patterns, with the option to recall a pocketed or non-pocketed way. The pockets are stout enough to fit a standard smartphone, and they scored excessive marks in the opacity category. Overall, we were impressed by their quality given their $20 price point.

What we didn’t adore: Sizing was a bit off for all of our testers (some notorious that the leggings ran a cramped stout and others said they ran too small in their normal dimension), and they were longer than ideal. For those on the shorter aspect, this can be a dealbreaker since easiest one inseam length is supplied. We didn’t derive them fashionable enough to be seamlessly integrated into an everyday outfit — aesthetically, they’re decidedly a workout legging — and placement of the pocket was awkward. The way of the front seam wasn’t very flattering, we found the waistband usually had a hard time staying put and the fabric was a bit too stiff for the most comfortable workouts.

Outdoor Voices Springs 7/8 Leggings ($78; outdoorvoices.com)

Outdoor Voices Springs 7/8 Leggings

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices Springs 7/8 Leggings

Among all the leggings we tested, this Outdoor Voices pair held up perhaps the most efficient of them all — after our assessments, they proved to be great-durable after many workouts and washes, appearing love original, and not utilizing a pilling, fading or lint to speak of. They didn’t shrink when one in all our testers put them in the dryer on a scorching cycle too, and there was no shade transfer from either.

They’re a great-fashionable, flattering pair that made us really feel confident when wearing ‘em, each for exercising and doing everyday stuff. Compared to the other higher-raze leggings we tested, on the other hand, we didn’t derive these to blow us away in the comfort department, particularly throughout sweaty, excessive-impact workouts. Overall, our testers wished the fabric allowed for freer stream and weren’t moderately as stiff, although they’d be a great pair for outdoor activity on cooler days. We appreciated their relatively expansive dimension range (from XXS thru 3XL), although reveal that they are available in suitable two colorways and one inseam length. They’re also shipped in 100% recycled paper envelopes or recyclable bins, and according to the brand it has been decreasing its use of conventional fabrics in favor of more sustainable materials.

JoyLab Excessive-Waisted Seamless 7/8 Leggings ($34; target.com)

JoyLab High-Waisted Seamless 7/8 Leggings


JoyLab Excessive-Waisted Seamless 7/8 Leggings

We had mixed feelings about these JoyLab leggings from Target. Whereas a few of our testers appreciated how comfortable and stretchy they were, for the most part, we found them unsupportive and uncomfortable for workouts. The way of these leggings was polarizing, with some finding their aesthetic fashionable and others no longer lots. (The perforated detail is really no longer ideal for less warm climates and a few of us weren’t a fan of the really noticeable ribbing on the waistband and ankles). A bit less opaque than our favorites in the testing pool, these did, on the other hand, delay successfully after several washes. The leggings are available in four colours and sizes XS thru XL. Although we had meant on initially testing a thoroughly different pair of JoyLab leggings, we learned that they had been discontinued and that this fashion was the most similar. Unfortunately, these suitable didn’t hit the mark for us overall.

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We put more than a dozen leggings to the test, but four stood out