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We shaved off our quarantine beard to test 12 razors. Two stood out

We shaved off our quarantine beard to test 12 razors. Two stood out

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Whether or no longer you shave your whole face day after day, tidy up your lines as soon as per week or the relaxation in between, a correct razor is important to your grooming routine. We shaved off our whole beard many occasions (and again) over the course of a month testing 12 males’s razors, paying attention to how comfy and simple it became to shave with every, and the device in which end of a shave every offered. After a couple of nicks and weeks of no longer recognizing ourselves within the reflect, two razors (ahem) made the decrease.

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The Gillette SkinGuard stood out above the complete other razors we tested, thanks to its extremely comfy and simple shave. Its guarded razor made shaving a dash, and we skilled zero tugging or irritation when the usage of it. Together with its durability, ease of cleansing and extra precision blade, it became without complications the ideal males’s razor we tried.

If you desire the closest that you just’re going to be in a job to reflect of shave and don’t want extra aspects, the Bevel Security Razor is the blade for you. Utilizing a single, double-edged blade, the Bevel provides a remarkably end shave. The total security razors we tested were a step above the cartridge alternatives in phrases of closeness, however the Bevel’s comfy tackle pushed it past the replace security razors to claim a top space.

Gillette SkinGuard Razor

Kai Burkhardt/CNN

Gillette SkinGuard Razor

Out of the complete razors we tested, the Gillette SkinGuard gave us the top doubtless, most comfy shave by far, essentially due to its specialised blades. The razor has limited bumpers in between the SkinGuard’s two blades to decrease pores and skin irritation. While Gillette says this causes a shave that isn’t as end as its 5-blade razors, we didn’t thought grand of a difference between the SkinGuard and the replace cartridge blades we tested. Primarily, excluding the safety razors, we conception it gave one of the important closest shaves of the neighborhood.

The SkinGuard moreover offered superior comfort. The retaining blades made it in actuality feel like the razor became gliding throughout our face — one thing we continuously heard about in shaving commercials but never skilled in real existence. The bumpers, alongside with two lubricating strips, gave us a large-mushy shave. We never felt any irritation or skilled any bumps or ingrown hairs — even hours after we shaved.

But this comfort wasn’t restricted to beautiful the blades — the SkinGuard is moreover one of basically the most ergonomic razors we tested. Thanks to its rubberized tackle and gentle curving shape, it fit perfectly in our hand and became easy to care for and maneuver around our face.

In addition to its comfort, the SkinGuard moreover got right here out unscathed in our drop tests, and can shave solidly tidy lines with its precision blade found on the reverse aspect of the cartridge. Speaking of cartridges, getting replacements is easy, however the tag of the SkinGuard’s replace blades became slightly better than our pool’s $2 average, coming in at $2.83 per blade must you capture a pack of 12. If you’re alarmed about remembering to fetch up on blades, you’re going to be in a job to place up a subscription with either Amazon or Gillette so that you just never bustle out.

Bevel Safety Razor

Kai Burkhardt/CNN

Bevel Security Razor

The cartridge razors couldn’t provide as end a shave as any of our security razors. The one, double-edged, stainless-steel blades take a limited bit more persistence and skill to maneuver, however the stop outcome is a wildly end shave.

We tested three of these end-shaving razors, and the Bevel Security Razor became without complications the ideal of the neighborhood. It didn’t feel rather as end as the two Merkurs we tried, but it surely became grand much less difficult to tackle and switch throughout our face.

Having never outmoded a security razor prior to this story, our first shave became painstakingly unhurried, guaranteeing the blade became as end to a 30-stage perspective towards our pores and skin so we wouldn’t, you know, decrease our jugular. We got a pair nicks that first time but quickly found that shaving with these security razors — and the Bevel particularly — wasn’t too utterly different from the multi-blade cartridges we’d grown accustomed to.

If you care for a 30-stage perspective and let the burden of the blade originate its thing, shaving with a security razor is a dash. The Bevel has a protracted, straight tackle that became rather comfy to care for, which eased our nerves when running it throughout our face. The two other security razors we tried had handles that were awkward to care for, so we had to continuously readjust our grip to accumulate a cushty shave.

When your blade will get soiled or worn out, the Bevel makes it enormous easy to tidy or change with a easy screwing mechanism. We most modern this over the Merkur Futur’s blade enclosement, which beautiful pops off, attributable to in our drop test the Futur’s blade would pop out from the tackle and stop up somewhere on the ground.

Change blades for the Bevel are basically the most cost efficient in our testing pool too, with a package of 20 going for $9.99, averaging out to $0.50 per blade (you’re going to be in a job to moreover subscribe to automatically accumulate these by Amazon). As a bonus, security razors as a whole are better for the atmosphere than your identical outdated razor, since there’s no plastic and you would be in a job to recycle your outmoded stainless-steel blades.

To get the ideal males’s razor, we ran 12 razors by all sorts of tests. We shaved with them, cleaned them, dunked them in water, dropped them and more. We broke up our tests into two classes: efficiency and durability. Right here’s a breakdown of the complete tests we ran.


  • Closeness of shave: The exhaust of the identical shaving cream every time, we shaved with every razor going with the grain of our facial hair. We illustrious how end the shave became, and felt how grand hair, if any, became left on our face after shaving.
  • Comfort of shave: We judged how easy it became to shave and the device in which the blades felt on our face. Straight away after shaving we illustrious if we had any nicks or felt any irritation.
  • Lasting comfort: We checked our face again a lot of hours after shaving to look if any irritation, bumps or redness fashioned.
  • Ergonomics: We held every razor and judged how it felt in our hand. We moreover dunked it in water and held it again to look if it became slippery.
  • Precision: We illustrious if the razor had a particular precision blade, and decrease lines in our facial hair to care for how accurate the blade became.
  • Additional aspects: We counted any extra aspects the razor had, equivalent to lubricating strips, heating substances and more. We moreover judged how these aspects impacted the shaving abilities.


  • Ease to tidy: We cleaned every blade after shaving and illustrious how refined it became to tidy, in addition to to how long it took.
  • Drop test: We dropped every razor three occasions over our sink from face stage. We illustrious any fracture and if the blades popped off the tackle.
  • Ease of blade replace: We researched the tag of blade replace and whereas you happen to were in a job to be half of an automatic subscription.

Harry’s Winston Razor ($20; harrys.com)

The Harry’s Winston Razor gave us a end, comfy shave. It became slightly easy to tidy, had an excellent precision blade and felt correct in our hand, but it surely beautiful couldn’t separate itself from the relaxation of the pack.

Harry’s Truman Razor ($9; harrys.com)

Identical to the Winston, this razor from Harry’s is terribly correct but beautiful didn’t outdo the SkinGuard. After we shaved with the Truman we got a end shave, even though no longer as end as the Winston or one more cartridge blades like Schick.

Greenback Shave Membership ($26; dollarshaveclub.com)

This razor became decently comfy and offered a pretty end shave, beautiful no longer as correct as the SkinGuard. We did accumulate pleasure from its precision blade, but we silent wouldn’t recommend it over our winner.

Merkur 34C Heavy-Accountability Security Razor ($40.43; amazon.com)

This security razor gave us one of the important closest shaves, in actuality tying with the Bevel. On the other hand, its tackle is terribly little and immediate, so it wasn’t comfy to care for whereas shaving.

Schick Hydro 5 Sense ($10.43, within the foundation $10.99; amazon.com)

This razor moreover performed successfully, but it surely became one more that beautiful didn’t stand out total. It became one of the important closer shaves we got from a cartridge razor, and became solidly comfy. Its hefty tackle became one of basically the most ergonomic too.

Gillette Planet KIND ($20; gillette.com)

Gillette’s modern Planet KIND razor became slightly unhappy after we shaved with it. It didn’t waft throughout our face like the SkinGuard did, and it didn’t provide a remarkably end shave either. This razor and its blades are 100% recyclable by Terracycle, which is nice, but security razor blades are moreover recyclable. So whereas you happen to’re making an strive to get an eco-pleasant razor, we’d silent recommend the Bevel Security Razor.

Merkur Futur ($66.75; walmart.com)

The Merkur Futur gave us the closest shave of the complete razors we tested, but it surely became too heavy to in actuality care for without complications and maneuver around our face. Also, at some stage in our drop test, the top fragment of the compartment that holds the blade popped off, leaving the razor blade somewhere on our ground. We reflect the Bevel is the upper chance whereas you happen to’re making an strive to get a security razor.

Gillette Mach3 ($6.78, within the foundation $10.99; amazon.com)

The Mach3 is an extremely light razor, but its enormous-thin manufacture wasn’t basically the most ergonomic. It didn’t provide a truly end shave, but it surely became rather easy to tidy and comfortable to exhaust.

Gillette Heated ($189.94, within the foundation $199.99; amazon.com)

The Gillette Heated razor heats up its blades so that you just’re going to be in a job to theoretically accumulate a more in-depth, more comfy shave. While this option became cold, it didn’t lead to an outstandingly utterly different shave. This, plus the indisputable truth that it’s better than three occasions pricier than the next most costly razor, knocked it out of the bustle.

Philips Norelco OneBlade ($34.95; amazon.com)

The Philips is an electrical razor, and whereas it goes to be correct to shave enormous portions of hair whereas you happen to’re shaving off your beard, we didn’t get it to be a large day after day shaver. It didn’t give us a truly end shave in any admire, most likely attributable to we shaved with the grain of our facial hair with every razor, however the instructions of the OneBlade recommend shaving towards the grain. Going with the grain, this razor in actuality didn’t originate grand, and going towards the grain gave a more in-depth shave, but that’d be the case with any razor.

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We shaved off our quarantine beard to test 12 razors. Two stood out