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We tested 17 high-rated cutting boards: These 4 are worth the price

We tested 17 high-rated cutting boards: These 4 are worth the price


One of the most critical gadgets in a chef’s arsenal is the cutting board. That you just would be able to fetch all the care for kitchen gadgets in the world, however in case your cutting surface is stained, pungent or accurate won’t discontinue in predicament, then it is presumably not the onions you’re chopping that are making you bawl.

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We examined, sliced and diced on, stained, washed and abused (worship any impartial chef would) 17 wooden, plastic and composite cutting boards to in finding out which ones made the carve.

Finest wooden cutting board

Fabricated from moisture-resistant teak, the Teakhaus Educated is excellent-trying, durable, stain-resistant, and is the absolute top wooden board to care for.

Finest plastic cutting board

The sturdies, most staunch plastic cutting boards we tested, the OXO Factual Grips boards are effectively designed, easy to use care of, and proof against knife marks.

Finest budget cutting board

The staunch acacia IKEA Skogsta gives you top payment seems to be to be like and with out problems finished, stain-resistant waxed work surfaces for an cheap price.

Finest all-reason cutting board

Built with Richlite, a paper-essentially based mostly entirely composite field matter, the durable Epicurean Sequence board seems to be to be like worship a wooden cutting board, however cleans up worship plastic, making it excellent for any style of kitchen prep work.

Finest cutting mats

These complex, versatile, coloration-coded mats from Dexas’ Grippmat line get up to heavy knife utilize better than identical cutting mats and will let you sweep your prepped meats and greens impartial into a bowl or pan.

Teakhaus Professional Cutting Board
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Teakhaus Educated Cutting Board

The Teakhaus Educated is a cutting board made of teak, a wooden that stands up to heavy utilize, is proof against stains and knife cuts, cleans up with out problems, is heavy ample to discontinue in predicament while you’re employed and is fairly priced compared to other wooden cutting boards of identical quality. Plus, it’s excellent-trying ample to produce a eternal place on your kitchen countertop.

Teak is more proof against moisture and shrinkage than other hardwoods (worship maple), so it makes for a board that’s more uncomplicated to care for while preserving the other advantages of wooden. The Teakhaus Educated we tested is made with edge grain building (boards glued together lengthwise), which is a more moisture-resistant plan than discontinue grain building (board segments area on their ends, as viewed in butcher blocks).

In our testing, after chopping up many fruits, greens and meat, we came all the plan by few noticeable marks. After we ran our give up the wooden, we felt about a, however none deep or noticeable to the naked watch, as a outcome of the combination of the not easy field matter and the darkish develop, which is not most intriguing vivid however need to light conceal day after day stains over time.

The Teakhaus Educated arrives pretreated with mineral oil and beeswax for further moisture resistance (while teak is harder by repeated wetting and drying cycles than other hardwoods, the producer recommends re-oiling in most cases to support the board working and trying recent), and we came all the plan by that it didn’t stain with out problems. After cutting beets and leaving beet juice on the board, all coloring washed away with ease, and we came all the plan by no residue or stains.

The board is heavy ample that it stayed build by all of our chopping and slicing. And because it’s reversible, the board lets you prick on both facets in the route of a single prepping session to steer clear of irascible-contamination between uncooked meats and greens.

The Teakhaus Educated is moreover a unbelievable price compared to many of the other high-discontinue cutting boards. Even supposing the board we tested didn’t fetch juice canals (which are mighty for accumulating juices from meats, tomatoes and the worship while prepping), that choice is readily available at no further price from Teakhaus, in both the medium and mighty sizes of the Educated.

OXO Good Grips Cutting Board
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OXO Factual Grips Cutting Board

The Oxo Factual Grips is a sexy plastic cutting board choice, in particular at impartial around $20 for a pack of two. These sturdy, effectively-designed cutting boards are readily available in many sizes and combinations, letting you elect the excellent board on your needs.

The dual-sided board gives a juice canal on one aspect and a fully flat surface on the other. There’s no hand grip, however the contoured edges will let you with out problems elevate one aspect of the board in lisp to sweep waste into a sink or trash bin. Rubber edges and ft saved the extraordinarily light-weight board securely in predicament as we chopped and sliced.

Out of all the plastic boards tested, this board change into once the sturdiest. After chopping many greens, we could well possibly the truth is feel some knife marks, however they fetch been not viewed. Basically, we fetch persevered to make utilize of this board reasonably in most cases since our testing length concluded, and we’ve viewed most intriguing minimal marking. The board moreover proved proof against stains even after chopping up extremely pigmented greens.

IKEA Skogsta Chopping Board
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IKEA Skogsta Reducing Board

In case you’re on a vivid budget and desire a high of the vary cutting board, then we strongly counsel the Ikea Skogsta. Fabricated from acacia, a moisture-resistant hardwood, the Skogsta is easy to care for, is stress-free to work on and seems to be impartial ample to support out on your counter.

Both surfaces of this reversible board are extremely subtle (and it’s doubtless you’ll well well carve on either aspect), though the edges aren’t sanded or contoured as carefully as about a of the high-discontinue cutting boards we tested.

The Skogsta is pretreated with a wax develop (which is able to be reapplied periodically, as with any wooden cutting board), and it washed up with out problems for a wooden board. Extra juices sat impartial on high and then beaded off, and the board dried nearly directly after washing.

Cutting left minimal knife marks. The develop, a combination of contrasting darkish and light boards, moreover helps conceal any marks or blemishes that the board could well possibly draw pack up over time.

Epicurean Gourmet Series Cutting Board
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Epicurean Gourmet Sequence Cutting Board

The Epicurean Gourmet Sequence seems to be to be like worship wooden, however it cleans up worship a plastic board, providing a compromise that’s impartial for day-to-day utilize getting ready any further or less meals.

Fabricated from Richlite, a composite field matter made of recycled paper in a matrix of resin, this cutting board is a single piece, worship a plastic board, so it won’t spoil up over time. It moreover doesn’t require oiling or waxing worship a wooden board, so it requires no repairs.

Plus, the field matter can withstand temperatures of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, so not most intriguing is it dishwasher-staunch, however it’s doubtless you’ll well well utilize the board as a trivet as effectively. It moreover dries rapid after hand-washing too, so it’s mighty for fixed utilize in a busy kitchen.

Richlite does fetch a couple of downsides. It’s extraordinarily not easy and could well dreary knives more rapid than staunch wooden or plastic cutting boards, so it is presumably not the most intriguing choice on your most intriguing cutlery except you’re willing to sharpen in most cases. And Richlite is so light-weight, it strikes and spins with out problems, though it stays in predicament with a towel below. If right here’s a venture, then the Epicurean is moreover readily available with nonslip corners, and springs in a range of shapes, sizes and colours too.

Dexas Mini Grippmat Flexible Cutting Boards
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Dexas Mini Grippmat Flexible Cutting Boards

This Dexas Mini Grippmat pack of 4 versatile coloration-coded cutting mats helps you separate your chopping to discontinue organized — and prevents irascible-contamination.

The versatile mats are extraordinarily thin and light, though not flimsy at all. The bottom has a textured surface to support the mat from slipping, and after a day of chopping, we noticed no carve marks on the work surface. Whenever you’re carried out chopping your greens, the mat with out problems lets you funnel the meals into a bowl or container, decreasing your total mess, by rolling up its two facets.

These are the excellent mats to support in the cabinet and lift out if it be critical to rapid prick some greens. Since it’s most intriguing 8 inches by 11 inches, it’s not accurate for a mammoth dinner prep and even meats and cheese, however it is excellent for a diminutive chopping need and even on the chase. Then again, it’s doubtless you’ll well well accumulate them in about a diversified sizes, such as a rather better 11.5 inches by 14 inches or 14-lunge square model, that could well possibly receive better your chopping surface.

The most intriguing downside we came all the plan by is that, unlike some identical products, there’s no image on the diversified mats to will let you undergo in thoughts which mat to make utilize of for every style of meals class.

Even supposing right here’s a mighty mat for the kitchen, we’re going to completely be bringing it on our next camping time out as effectively. The mats are extraordinarily durable, versatile and seem like they will get up to any cooking field.

Cutting boards are readily available in a broad selection of gives — bamboo, composite, glass, plastic, stone and wooden. Whereas effectively-organized-not easy gives worship ceramic, glass or quartz will rapid crash your knives (don’t, by the plan, ever carve directly on your quartz countertop, or on a dinner plate), the other gives all fetch their strengths and weaknesses.

Wood and bamboo cutting boards thought mighty, could well possibly be thick and heavy (making them staunch and staunch) and are versatile, making them the truth is helpful for something from chopping greens to serving a roast — however they require frequent repairs. Plastic and composite cutting boards are easy to tidy and care for however could well possibly be harder on knives and don’t final wherever advance as long. Learn on for more specifics.


Inclined wooden cutting boards can final an awfully very long time and the truth is be reasonably the truth is helpful around the kitchen. That you just would be able to prepare a pleasant cheese platter on them for appetizers, or prick up a effectively rested grilled steak with the juices light dripping. Whereas it’s continuously conception that plastic boards are more “sanitary,” wooden boards are the truth is excellent-trying for any utilize in the kitchen, and identical old micro organism fetch been confirmed to not stay on as long on wooden cutting boards as they develop on plastic.

Whereas it relies upon on the hardness of the species your board is fabricated from, wooden cutting boards are usually easy on your knives as effectively. Since wooden will “heal” naturally, you’ll be less likely to thought mammoth cuts on the surface of the cutting boards. They moreover don’t stain or discolor the plan plastic boards will, and given the texture of wooden grain, it’s doubtless you’ll well well not even thought the stains.

One factor to undergo in thoughts is that wooden cutting boards are not dishwasher-staunch and working them by can smash them, causing splits and in the kill ruining the board. The honest care requires oiling (or making utilize of a combination of oil and wax) your board on a weekly or month-to-month basis, reckoning on how in most cases you utilize your board. And when you utilize a thick butcher block board, need to light it receive stained or broken, it’s doubtless you’ll well well with out problems sand it flat, reapply the oil (or the oil and wax develop) and receive many more years of utilize out of it.

In case you don’t deserve to be bothered with further work, then you should lead sure of a wooden board — in particular a dear one. Nevertheless, with the honest repairs, you are going to deserve to fetch a protracted-lasting kitchen software.


Bamboo, which is technically a grass and not a wooden, gives loads of the identical traits as wooden cutting boards however is harder than the wooden species normally feeble in cutting boards and is presumably not reasonably as kind to your knives.

Like wooden, you shouldn’t build bamboo in the dishwasher, and long-time length care requires a miniature of oiling to support the surface free from warping.

Since bamboo is lighter than wooden, it’s easy to trail around; on the other hand, you’ll deserve to receive definite the board you to make a decision doesn’t bolt around too worthy on your counter. Given how light it is, receive definite you in finding an choice that sits effectively on your counter and doesn’t bolt around worthy. It is doubtless you’ll well moreover likely pay loads more for a thicker, slab-worship bamboo cutting board than you would for a wooden board of identical dimensions.


In relation to plastic cutting boards, the choices are apparently never-ending. That you just would be able to in finding the complete lot from thick, heavy slabs of plastic to cutting mats that the truth is feel as if they’re no thicker than about a slices of paper. Most moldable cutting boards are dishwasher-staunch, making cleanup a slither. With out a doubt test with the producer before accurate tossing it into that magical machine, though, as high heat is presumably not impartial for all brands. Fortunately, all the plastic cutting boards that we tested are dishwasher-staunch.

Compared to wooden and bamboo boards, on the other hand, plastic boards are disposable; even with honest care, they’ll build on out relatively rapid. Knife cuts will injury plastic cutting boards over time. Eventually you are going to video display build on and trudge, as plastic is not “self-healing” worship wooden, and it’s inevitable that, in the future, you are going to deserve to change the board. As you watch more nooks and slices, it will change into harder and harder to tidy or sanitize, as meals residue and micro organism receive trapped in the scars.


Composite cutting boards thought worship wooden however are fabricated from a paper-essentially based mostly entirely field matter (Richlite, feeble in the Epicurean board we tested, is a paper-and-resin composite) and fetch a fairly strong cutting surface that receive them mighty for day after day utilize. These cutting boards in most cases are dishwasher-staunch, can withstand high temperatures and won’t stain or injury with out problems, making them a staunch easy-care choice.

To support in finding the most intriguing choices for you, we picked out 17 of the most traditional and effectively-reviewed cutting boards, ranging in price from an extremely low $2.99 up to roughly $180, and build them by the paces of day after day cooking. This implies we did loads of chopping and slicing of diversified sorts of fruit, greens, meats, breads and cheese. We spent about a weeks testing the boards, rotating them inside and out of our fetch kitchen meal prep as we compared the complete lot from total efficiency when we sliced and diced to usability, aesthetics and repairs.

We moreover carve beets on every board to thought which boards could well possibly address this effectively off-coloured vegetable with out staining.

So, after loads of prepping and chopping, we feeble the following criteria when testing every model to in finding the winners:


  • Day after day cutting injury: We wished to thought how worthy injury change into once carried out to every board from day after day cutting.
  • Dumb knives: Even supposing we most intriguing tested the boards for about a weeks, we wished to thought if any boards dulled the knives in that short time-frame. Fortunately, all knives fetch been light intact at the discontinue of our testing.
  • Therapeutic/scarring: Did the cutting boards retain scars, or did the knife cuts heal themselves after a length of time?
  • Staining: We build the boards to the final test by chopping beets on every board and letting them sit for five minutes. This helped us resolve which boards stained and which ones didn’t.
  • Odors: We integrated onions and garlic in our chopping lineup to thought if any board would retain smell from these meals. Fortunately, we came all the plan by that none of the boards picked up odors over the route of our testing.


  • Warps or imperfections: We checked to thought if the surface change into once frequent and neatly-known if any boards had any warps or imperfections that affected the chopping route of.
  • Slippage: Did the board trot at all while cutting? If so, we then build a towel below to thought if that mitigated the stutter.
  • Juice canals: Did the board reach with juice canals or grooves to fetch juices from working off the board and causing a broad number?
  • Hand grips: Are hand grips expose? If so, are they the truth is helpful?


  • Overall receive of the board: We examined the total receive of the board to thought if it change into once sturdy and appeared to prolong for loads of years.
  • Aesthetics: Became this board one you’d deserve to support out on your countertop as an announcement piece or tucked into the cabinet?
  • Imperfections: Were there any imperfections in the surface or on the edges? Were there any gaps, cracks or poorly sanded surfaces?


  • Dishwashable: Can the board be build into the dishwasher to be cleaned, or is it hand-wash most intriguing?
  • Staining: Even after washing the board — either in the dishwasher or by hand — did the board retain coloration of extremely pigmented meals?
  • Scent: After washing the board, did the board retain any smell?
  • Absorb oil/waxes: For wooden boards, did they soak up the oil/wax effectively?
  • Warping/cracking: With repeated washing, did the board warp or crack?


  • Price: What change into once the price of the board?

Gorilla Grip Oversized Cutting Board ($19.89; amazon.com)

This Gorilla Grip area gives three diversified sized cutting boards, all with the identical extraordinarily sturdy however light-weight building, including rubber edging that keeps slippage to a minimal while chopping. One aspect has a juice groove, while the other aspect is disagreeable, and a mighty hand grip makes it easy to support on to while transferring from counter to table or washing in the sink.

The downside of this cutting board change into once that, after testing, we came all the plan by noticeable knife marks — better than on any other plastic cutting board we tested. The Gorilla Grip boards develop, on the other hand, lift a 10-300 and sixty five days warranty, so, when you in the kill don’t worship how the board holds up, the firm will replace or refund your board for you for any reason.

The ReBoard Cutting Board ($35; materialkitchen.com)

If aesthetics matter — and you’re in the hunt for a plastic cutting board — then the ReBoard from Topic matter comes in seven colours, making it easy to check together with your kitchen blueprint (the a piece of smaller mini ReBoard gives four colours).

The ReBoard has a textured, reversible surface that hid knife marks effectively in our testing. We noticed no deep grooves, most intriguing expected build on and trudge in the route of the test length. We didn’t worship that the board doesn’t discontinue in predicament effectively while cutting. The directions ticket to position a towel down below, however we didn’t the truth is in finding that this helped worthy.

In case you worship the thought, then Topic matter does provide a 60-day trial to thought whether or not the board works for you. And, when you’re trying to build up more than one boards directly — as presents for guests or family — then the trace gives a vivid low cost the place it’s doubtless you’ll well well accumulate three of them for $80.

Ikea Legitim Reducing Board ($2.99; ikea.com)

At this form of low price, it’s doubtless you’ll well well’t chase shocking with this classic, dishwasher-staunch plastic cutting board from Ikea. It doesn’t discontinue in predicament effectively (we had to predicament a towel below to support it staunch), however it held up effectively to knife utilize. And, as with all Ikea products, you are going to fetch 180 days from the date of accumulate to reach an opened item when you aren’t 100% gratified.

Williams-Sonoma Antibacterial Synthetic Cutting & Carving Board ($27.95; williams-sonoma.com)

The Williams-Sonoma Antibacterial is an all-reason, synthetic cutting board, which is infused with an agent that inhibits bacterial inform. It change into once the largest plastic cutting board we tested, measuring 16 inches by 12 inches by .625 inches. We came all the plan by this to be a excellent dimension — not too mammoth — letting us prick all testing gadgets with no stutter at all.

We didn’t worship how slippery the polypropylene surface change into once, on the other hand, and we had to predicament a towel below it when working to support it staunch. The field matter moreover picked up viewed knife marks in the route of our testing, though not deep or broad grooves. And the indented handles aren’t deep ample to make utilize of confidently.

Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Foldable Cutting Board ($18.71, at the start $19.99; amazon.com)

By some distance the most outlandish plastic cutting board we tested, the Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Foldable is the excellent cutting board for chopping up greens, though doubtlessly not for other cutting tasks.

We came all the plan by that the foldable facets receive it extraordinarily easy to bolt chopped-up meals into a storage container or bowl, which is more efficient than scraping the greens into the container with a knife, and boundaries the doable mess.

Rubber pieces on the bottom surface saved the Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot staunch, and the textured work surface didn’t ticket any carve marks after utilize. Then again, as a outcome of the flexing of the mat, we develop ask how long it will final before it breaks or doesn’t discontinue entirely flat.

Lipper Global Bamboo Wood Cutting Board With Inlay Mats ($50; amazon.com)

Want both a wooden cutting board and plastic cutting mats? If so, then this Lipper Global area entails a hole bamboo cutting board and 6 coloration-coded polypropylene cutting mats that retailer inside it.

The mats are meant to be feeble on high of the wooden board, providing you with an awfully uncomplicated-to-tidy surface that moreover avoids irascible-contamination, and the rubber ft on the bottom of the wooden board support be sure there’s no motion while chopping (though we didn’t experience any slippage, even when the utilize of the mats directly on the countertop).

Since the board is hole, it’s extraordinarily light-weight for a wooden cutting board, which makes it easy to trail around or lift to the sink for cleaning. The downside is, the plastic mats are reasonably flimsy compared to the Dexas Mini Grippmats. Knife marks fetch been apparent and deep after utilize, and it’s not easy to position the Lipper Global mats away in the board’s storage area after utilize.

John Boos Block Cutting Board ($134.95; amazon.com)

The John Boos Blocks are cutting boards that stretch in loads of sizes, stains and features, however for the testing route of, we tried out the further-mighty 24-lunge-by-18-lunge-by-1.5-lunge dimension of the Maple Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board With Juice Groove. It’s mammoth for identical old utilize however a excellent dimension for serving.

Whereas it’s reasonably heavy, the aspect handles receive it more uncomplicated to lift. And because it’s dual sided, it’s doubtless you’ll well well draw shut out from the utilize of the juice grooves or not, reckoning on what you’re chopping and serving. Whereas the light-coloured maple is in the kill going to attract pack up stains and coloration as you put it to use, out of the field it change into once very proof against moisture and staining in our assessments; we left strawberries sitting on it for several days and the residue washed away with out problems, leaving no staining.

Then again, out of the field, the board change into once dry and wished oiling impartial away. This change into once not wanted with the other high-discontinue cutting boards we tested and not necessarily something the moderate cook dinner is aware of to develop, despite the indisputable truth that directions are integrated in the purchasing description. Even after oiling, we moreover felt that the surface change into once tough and wished some sanding.

Brooklyn Butcher Block Cutting Board ($180; brooklynbutcherblock.com)

Honest out of the field, this cutting board from Brooklyn Butcher took our breath away. We the truth is wished to worship this block — and we did, until the closing test. The cherry board is by some distance the most vivid board we tested and serves as a excellent-trying “counterpiece” impartial next to the sink. The surface is extremely subtle and, as a outcome of the thickness of the board, it not ceaselessly moved when cutting. To high it off, we noticed most intriguing minimal knife cuts after our chopping assessments.

The disappointment came after we chopped up beets and (as we did with all of the cutting boards tested) left them on the board for roughly five minutes, after which we directly build some elbow grease into washing the board.

Whereas most of the wooden boards didn’t stain at all or picked up most intriguing puny coloration, the beets left a extraordinarily noticeable crimson stain, viewed even given the darker cherry wooden. Brooklyn Butcher Block recommends — as develop all of the wooden board makers — that you just address the board normally with mineral oil and beeswax, however it sounds as if, out of the field, it isn’t treated thoroughly ample to withstand staining with extremely pigmented meals.

It is miles a not doubtless board, however we’d counsel that you just receive definite to oil and wax thoroughly before utilize. At $180, on the other hand, of us that are it mostly for aesthetics and don’t worship the lived-in thought of a effectively-feeble cutting board need to light know this could well well draw pack up stains and will need frequent care.

J.Ok. Adams Co. Takes Two Cutting Board ($29.99; bedbathandbeyond.com)

The J.Ok Adams Co. Takes Two is a reversible cutting board excellent for these trying to commit one aspect for meats and another aspect for greens; it comes with clearly printed symbols on either aspect so that you just won’t mix them up.

Whereas the Takes Two ships with a mineral oil develop applied, out of all of the wooden cutting boards that we tested, this change into once the most intriguing person that came with two diminutive samples of mineral oil and wax. Which potential of of this, it’s doubtless you’ll well well directly address the board impartial out of the field if it does the truth is feel dry, or retreat after the first few weeks of utilize, with out having to exit to attract pack up more.

The Personal Two’s wooden grain hid all knife marks. Unfortunately, though, the factory develop wasn’t ample to withstand selecting up a stain in our beet-chopping test. The board stained a piece of — viewed, though not almost as worthy as the Brooklyn Butcher Block — and the stains remained after we washed the board several times. We moreover came all the plan by the board moved around loads on the counter while we worked.

Ikea Aptitlig Bamboo Cutting Board ($9.99; ikea.com)

Whereas the Ikea Aptitlig bamboo cutting board could well possibly sound appealing given its low price, right here’s a form of boards the place you receive what you pay for. Even supposing it’s aesthetically dazzling with its slanted facets and it can well possibly support as a pleasant serving platter for veggies or cheese, it took the worst carve marks of all of the wooden boards we tested.

The tough building is apparent straight out of the field; we could well possibly the truth is feel splinters on the edges of the board. Whereas we didn’t thought stains on the board itself, after the wet Aptitlig sat on our countertop, we noticed that it left brownish marks on our counters.

Ikea Proppmatt Cutting Board ($7.99; ikea.com)

This cheap staunch beechwood Ikea Proppmatt cutting board moreover regarded its price. The board change into once poorly sanded out of the field (making for a tough surface), and it change into once built cheaply ample that we could well possibly the truth is feel the seams between the joined wooden boards. Our test model moreover had a mighty imperfection in the wooden.

The tough surface isn’t treated thoroughly ample from the factory either. After leaving carve beets on the board for five minutes, we came all the plan by loads of stains that we could well possibly not use. With so many other cheap, high of the vary boards, including Ikea’s fetch Skogsta, the Proppmatt is one we’d use a chase on.

Royal Bamboo Cutting Board Location ($21.22, at the start $24.97; amazon.com)

The Royal Bamboo cutting board comes in a 3-pack with three diversified sizes, though there are choices to build up a four- or five-pack when you’re trying to receive better your cutting board depend on your cupboards. And it has juice grooves and aspect handles, which are the truth is helpful features.

Nevertheless as we came all the plan by with the cheap IKkea bamboo board, the surface of the Royal Bamboo is tough and we concern about it splinting over time if not effectively maintained.

This cutting board moreover stayed wet the longest after we washed it — something to support in thoughts when you’re hoping to retailer the board away rapidly after utilize. We moreover noticed that the board left a brown residue on our countertop after it change into once washed.

We tested 17 high-rated cutting boards: These 4 are worth the price