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Welcome to the little NSW farming town that grows dreams

Welcome to the little NSW farming town that grows dreams

Twice a Twelve months the airport at Quirindi in northern NSW is a hive of exercise, but there’s no longer a plane in perceive.

Key capabilities:

  • Volunteer farmers grow vegetation to fund formative years scholarships
  • April’s first put up-drought carve has added $80,000 to the organisation’s coffers
  • Students, launch-up farmers and the arts reap the advantages

Forty-two hectares of land beside the airstrip is leased by a team team to grow vegetation. Volunteers planting seeds of hope and nurturing the dreams of a recent technology.

Early Newspaper

A bumper carve this Twelve months, the first in three years, thanks to drought, has added more than $80,000 greenbacks to the coffers of a charity team referred to as Farming for Teenagers.

Looking across a sorghum crop at harvester

Volunteers train in the 42-hectare sorghum carve at Quirindi airport.(

ABC News: Donal Shiel


The team is made up of farmers and team participants who volunteer time, machinery, grain and fertiliser to grow, harvest and sell vegetation.

The proceeds are spent on the welfare and education of the subsequent technology, of us enjoy 18-Twelve months-worn Casey Clarke, who obtained a $5,000 scholarship five years in the past, which helped him launch his maintain Limousin cattle stud.

A man in a hat leans through a fence reaching out to a cow

Casey Clarke checks on heifer Jill and her calf, the foundations of his Limousin cattle stud.(

ABC New England North West: Jennifer Ingall


“I’d enjoy to salvage the title reduction out there to point to what these cattle are able to and the procedure they point to up on the hook and on hoof,” acknowledged Mr Clarke.

“As of now, I’ve obtained three head of cattle. I’ve obtained one of my worn celebrated cows, which I purchased off the college, and I’ve obtained her two calves and they’re doing if truth be told smartly.” 

Final Twelve months’s scholarship winner, Indiah Nean, has huge dreams too.

A young female student smiles at a room full of people

Indiah Nean turned into the 2020 recipient of the Dream, Assume, Enact scholarship, which she will exercise to pursue her dreams of finding out treatment (

ABC New England North West: Jennifer Ingall


“My dream is to poke faraway from Quirindi and look a bachelor of treatment or paramedicine,” she acknowledged.

Rich farmland rising seeds of hope

Quirindi is in the Liverpool plains set, is named the food bowl of NSW, and the fertile sad soils gather helped Farming for Teenagers funnel more than $160,000 into scholarships and welfare programs since 2013.

A sorghum carve harvested in April yielded nearly 300 tonnes and added $82,000 to the Farming For Teenagers coffers, that would possibly perhaps presumably even be frail to service existing scholarships and other team needs.

“The profits is reserved for colleges and any initiatives within the shire,” acknowledged co-founder Lindsay Maybury.

“Any accidents or household tragedies or illness, we advance on board and supply some monetary assistance.”

Constructing education foundations

Farming for Teenagers also funds tune scholarships and in contemporary years also enabled a limited Indigenous college to salvage admission to necessary allied smartly being products and providers.

Walhollow Public Faculty has 21 students and, thanks to Farming For Teenagers, has been in a space to pay for speech therapy products and providers by the charity Royal A long way West.

“We salvage admission to speech therapy from Sydney, and it comes straight into our classrooms every Tuesday,” acknowledged important Skye Davis.

A boy and a girl sitting in front of a laptop

Students at Walhollow Public Faculty taking portion in a speech therapy class by Zoom(

ABC New England North West: Jennifer Ingall


Sydney therapist Bronwyn Deacon “zooms in” by laptop. She has other students spherical the train, and none dwell within 100 kilometres of her put together.

“There’s rather a lot of compare that reveals that telehealth speech therapy would possibly perhaps presumably even be as effective as face-to-face, offering or no longer it’s done in an proof-based mostly manner with toughen at the other stop,” acknowledged Ms Deacon.

Ms Davis acknowledged the students were if truth be told benefiting.

“It has been terrific. Now we gather considered some accurate motion and the younger of us are engaged and every of the classes are individualised,” she acknowledged.

At its heart what Farming for Teenagers is doing is aesthetic easy, but the outcomes are broad-reaching.

A man in a header with chaser bin visible through window

Lindsay Maybury drives the header harvesting the bumper sorghum carve.(

ABC News: Donal Shiel


“You raise out a little bit for your town which you would possibly perhaps perhaps perhaps also gather obtained to, and it brings of us together and or no longer it’s a ways a gargantuan feeling to raise out something for other of us. We would enjoy to inspect more of it,” acknowledged Mr Maybury.

For the recipients of carve-sale proceeds, enjoy Casey Clarke, or no longer it’s life-altering as he watches his cattle stud dream grow.

“Extinct Jill, she’s getting somewhat of age on her now,  she’s been honest a terribly nice heifer to learn on and salvage spherical the reveals with and learn every facet of breeding and going into your maintain stud,” he acknowledged.

Welcome to the little NSW farming town that grows dreams