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What has the UK government done for Afghan asylum seekers?

What has the UK government done for Afghan asylum seekers?

By Rachel Schraer

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media captionChaotic scenes at Kabul airport as of us strive desperately to hover

There had been chaotic scenes at Kabul airport, as desperate of us strive to hover Afghanistan. The UK government has announced a scheme to resettle of us from the country – but how personal these schemes worked in the past?

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Resettlement schemes

The government says the Afghan Electorate’ Resettlement Scheme will purpose to permit 5,000 Afghans to settle in the UK, with the long-term purpose an entire of 20,000.

It will focal point on ladies folk and teenagers besides religious and other minorities in bigger hazard from the Taliban.

It’s a long way modelled on the Syrian Inclined Persons Resettlement Scheme, which aimed to rob in “those in the most attention-grabbing need, including of us requiring pressing clinical treatment, survivors of violence and torture, and ladies folk and teenagers”.

They had been known by the UN and then vetted by the Dwelling Office before being granted the correct to settle in the UK.

The government met its target of bringing over 20,000 of us – half of whom had been childhood – over five years between 2015 and 2020, and the Dwelling Office said it modified into as soon as the “largest resettlement scheme in Europe”.

A further 6,000 Syrians had been granted asylum in the UK outside the scheme in the course of the identical length.

Immigration lawyer Sarah Pinder exceptional that greater numbers had been granted asylum in some other European countries.

Afghan workers and interpreters

The Afghan Relocations and Assistance Protection (ARAP) scheme, launched on 1 April, modified into as soon as designed to resettle interpreters and other other folks that worked for the UK in Afghanistan.

And the Dwelling Office says it has resettled 2,000 former Afghan workers and their households in the UK, since 22 June. The target is 5,000 by the pause of this year correct below this scheme.

Excellent over 1,000 of us personal furthermore been resettled in the UK since 2013 below a earlier scheme called the Ex-Gratia Protection.

But no longer all who personal utilized to the scheme had been well-liked, in step with the Sulha Alliance, which campaigns for the rights of Afghan interpreters.

A 2018 Defence Committee fable stumbled on: “British forces had been supported by some 7,000 Afghans, known as in the neighborhood employed (or engaged) civilians (LECs).”

But Ms Pinder said resettlement schemes had been most steadily too listless for crises equivalent to the one unfolding in Afghanistan.

“The conception that of us can queue as a lot as construct an software program by staying build… if truth be told, or no longer it is refined to position into observe,” she said.

And their criteria had been most steadily slender, leaving of us “stuck in a loop” between varied schemes.

One of Ms Pinder’s purchasers, an Afghan interpreter, had his software program refused below an earlier iteration of the schemes because he had already left Afghanistan – but he had fled the country only because working for the UK had left him in hazard.

Zoe Gardner, policy lead at charity the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI), said resettlement schemes could furthermore be “lifestyles-altering” but need to “only be a portion of the intention”.

“When of us are fleeing persecution, it correct happens in a messy capability,” she said. “Folks will be coming off their maintain steam. They is no longer going to be ready in a non-existent queue.”

Looking for asylum

Outdoors a minute series of official resettlement schemes, which most steadily personal slender criteria for eligibility, the most well-known capability to settle in the UK is to see asylum as soon as inside the country’s borders.

In 2020, 1,336 of us from Afghanistan utilized for asylum, out of 29,456 entire applications from spherical the world, and 580 had been granted it – roughly 45%, despite the proven fact that no longer all of those granted asylum had utilized in the identical year.

As of 31 March 2021, there had been 3,117 of us from Afghanistan with an asylum software program pending an initial resolution and 70% of them (2,220) had been ready for bigger than six months.

The government is but to thunder a policy for what must occur to these cases.

But Ms Pinder said they – and anyone from Afghanistan lately refused asylum – must now personal their cases urgently reviewed, and that there can personal to be a pause on any removals of of us in the UK relief to Afghanistan.

Below world legislation, there is nothing to bid of us need to see asylum in the first safe country or arrive by official channels.

But the Nationality and Borders Bill at the second before parliament would construct knowingly arriving in the UK without permission a prison offence.

A Dwelling Office official said: “The numbers we resettle will be kept below overview, namely as we increase from Covid… specializing in those in need and can be guided by the capability of native authorities, central government and community sponsor groups to provide areas and reinforce refugees to integrate into their communities and thrive.”

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