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What to know about U.S. forces in Afghanistan as withdrawal looms

What to know about U.S. forces in Afghanistan as withdrawal looms

U.S. forces were deployed to Afghanistan for nearly 20 years since the Taliban authorities was toppled in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the US.

Now, The united states’s longest wrestle is about to plan to an finish. The U.S. protection drive has vacated its predominant airfield in Afghanistan, a signal that the Pentagon plans to finish its withdrawal within days.

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Earlier this one year, the Biden administration committed to withdrawing all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by Sept. 11. Nonetheless the technique has been faster than anticipated, and nearly all troops are in fact expected to leave in the coming days.

Listed right here are key questions about the battle and the efforts to derive to the bottom of it, answered.

Why is the US in Afghanistan?

U.S. forces intervened in Afghanistan in October 2001, unleashing airstrikes that helped Afghan resistance forces oust the Taliban authorities, which had harbored the al-Qaeda militants involved in planning the 9/11 attacks.

Whereas the Taliban was driven from power in the capital, Kabul, on Nov. 13, 2001, the crew retained make stronger in rural areas and step by step started regaining strength and seizing territory.

Many Afghans apprehension that the Taliban will at some point return to power in Kabul. Below Taliban rule, militants enforced exhausting-line interpretations of sharia legislation and if fact be told barred girls folks from public life.

What is at stake as withdrawal looms?

U.S.-led NATO forces withdrew from strive against operations at the finish of 2014, even supposing NATO troops remained on the flooring. The resulting vacuum was broadly considered as allowing the Taliban to chase away against Afghan security forces and gain territory. U.S. officials gain historically wished to retain troops in Afghanistan for that very reason, fearing that withdrawal might per chance well per chance allow militants to use the nation once again to stage attacks on the US.

Civilians gain many instances expressed concerns that after U.S. troops pull out, traditional Afghans pays the price and be left at the mercy of the Taliban, which mute aspires to attach a exhausting-line Islamist authorities in Kabul.

How many U.S. troops are in the nation?

In January, the Trump administration shrank the official sequence of troops in Afghanistan to 2,500 — the bottom level since 2001. (The determine fluctuates, and about 1,000 extra than that were on the flooring in mid-April.) Lawmakers on every facets of the aisle adversarial that exchange, saying that it wasn’t obvious there would be satisfactory manpower for effective counterterrorism operations and that the reduction in troops might per chance well per chance no longer were in keeping with the terms of the US’ agreement with the Taliban.

Whereas these numbers were drastically decreased since the Biden administration announced its withdrawal plans, any place from 650 to 1,000 troops are expected to remain in the nation to guard the U.S. Embassy and the airport.

What is the grief on the flooring?

Taliban attacks gain continued to target civilians, and the crew increasingly has implemented centered killings and assassinations. At least 11 journalists and media workers were killed in the nation last one year.

In original years, other armed teams, including an Islamic Assure offshoot, gain taken profit of the chaotic battle to pursue their possess agendas. The Islamic Assure claimed responsibility for one of the deadliest attacks on civilians in the capital in original years, basically targeting the minority Hazara inhabitants in west Kabul.

What is the role of the peace talks between the Taliban and Afghanistan’s authorities?

Peace talks between the Afghan authorities and the Taliban started in September after a prolonged delay following a February 2020 agreement by the US to withdraw troops. With Washington playing a key feature in the peace job, Biden’s win in the November presidential election contributed to further delays, some analysts suspect, as parties expected likely changes to U.S. policy.

Since then, Afghanistan’s political elite has been deeply divided over a route forward. Abdullah Abdullah, a top Afghan official who leads the Excessive Council for Nationwide Reconciliation, told CNN on Wednesday that the parties gain made “minute or no development” and that the talks were proceeding at a “very unhurried paddle.”

Some gain warned that the shortage of consensus amongst Afghan leaders might per chance well per chance allow the Taliban to original a extra unified entrance and thus gain higher leverage. Afghan civilians adversarial to the Taliban apprehension that if the crew secures a feature in a power-sharing authorities, it might per chance per chance well per chance finally gain over the authorities in Kabul and return to the merciless rule it imposed sooner than its removing from power in 2001.

Afghan officials gain additionally expressed fears over the entire withdrawal of U.S. troops with out a solid political settlement in dwelling.

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What to know about U.S. forces in Afghanistan as withdrawal looms