Home Breaking News What we know about who 49ers will draft No. 3 overall

What we know about who 49ers will draft No. 3 overall

What we know about who 49ers will draft No. 3 overall

With rumors and smoke monitors and stories from reporters of varied credibilities swirling at some level of the 49ers and who they’ll take dangle of out at No. 3 overall on this Twelve months’s draft, one factor is changing into extra mosey than ever: we originate no longer possess any accurate readability on who they’re going to hang.

There’s some hypothesis and dot connecting that brings forth actual aspects as to why the 49ers would take dangle of every quarterback. The difficulty is all of that hypothesis and dot connecting works for every participant. Trey Lance ran different Kyle Shanahan-style offense at North Dakota Roar. Mac Jones may perchance presumably moreover very well be Shanahan’s fresh Matt Ryan. Justin Fields knows Shanahan from a quarterback camp. Zach Wilson’s establish doesn’t even come up even supposing there’s still uncertainty on whether he’d lumber past the Jets.

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All of this stuff are actual reasons to insist every quarterback would match with San Francisco. None of them are stone-chilly “the 49ers are selecting this participant” stories. They’re guesses from the analyst or from sources with assorted golf equipment that don’t seem to put in mind what Shanahan talked about about what form of quarterback he’s shopping for. Or even Shanahan became lying when he talked about what he wants below center. Who knows?

The underside line on the whole conjecture with regards to the 49ers’ definitive hobby in one participant on the No. 3 take dangle of – it’s tough to ascertain the ever-secretive 49ers who saved their transfer as a lot as No. 3 below lock and key, all correct now leaking their supposed take dangle of to anybody who would listen. There’s no trace in making their supposed take dangle of known a month sooner than the draft, especially with the No. 2 take dangle of still up in the air.

So, possess your favorite participant, and possess your takes on who they have to still or will draft. Scoop up no matter dots happen to ground and possess a ball connecting them. There’s exact over three weeks left till the draft and the whole thing we know about who the 49ers are going to hang is at simplest an expert guess essentially based entirely on components that got here from locations assorted than the person accountable for making the take dangle of. We can possess the whole thoughts and debates we desire, however chances are high we acquired’t possess any readability till their take dangle of is launched on April 29, no matter what number of definitive statements are made on the knowledge superhighway.

What we know about who 49ers will draft No. 3 overall