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What’s Urge Limbaugh’s media legacy? The radio host left hate and ugliness in his wake

What’s Urge Limbaugh’s media legacy? The radio host left hate and ugliness in his wake

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Radio titan Urge Limbaugh died of lung most cancers at 70, his wife Kathryn announced.


How are we speculated to feel concerning the dying of Urge Limbaugh?

The conservative talk-radio host died Wednesday. He modified into once 70 years pale. It’s complex to overstate how main a media figure Limbaugh modified into once — alongside with Howard Stern, without danger one in every of one of the main highly effective figures in radio over the final 50 years or more. His influence is unparalleled.

And that’s the establish his legacy turns into more sophisticated.

You would possibly well maybe argue that no media figure has done more to injury the nation than Limbaugh. He wasn’t the first or the final note radio host to preach a divisive form of politics, but he modified into once one of the main contemporary. Imitators took his cue to embody sexist, racist and homophobic stances — in fact sinful stuff.

And a legacy of hate unfold.

Extra: Conservative radio host Urge Limbaugh has died after fight with lung most cancers

Limbaugh modified into once lawful at what he did: Spreading ugliness

Limbaugh’s listeners beloved it. And it must be acknowledged, he modified into once exceptionally lawful at what he did.

It’s simply that what he did modified into once in fact gruesome.

He unfold the lie of “birtherism” about Barack Obama. Feminists he learned annoying had been “feminazis.” He supported broken-down President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the outcomes of the 2020 election – efforts in keeping with the lie of contemporary voter fraud.

Limbaugh and Trump had been made for each and every varied, with Trump serving because the logical political extension of Limbaugh’s bullying, preserve shut-no-prisoners assaults. With out Limbaugh’s influence, it’s complex to think somebody like Trump will beget risen to energy. He modified into once the embodiment of everything Limbaugh stood for — or a minimum of claimed to stand for when he modified into once on the air. In many methods Limbaugh made Trump’s presidency inevitable.


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Trump returned the favor, awarding Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s absolute top civilian honor. It modified into once a crass budge that modified into once also fitting: Trump awarded Limbaugh the medal during the 2020 Hiss of the Union speech, rewarding a political ally and turning it into a actuality indicate.


His influence and legacy reside on in hateful debate

Political debate is appropriate and distinguished. Entertaining political debate is like some kind of magical media unicorn — so rare that you just would possibly now not continuously imagine it even exists. Limbaugh will likely be entertaining, after one intention, notably in case your views aligned with his.

However debate wasn’t fraction of his equation for fulfillment, now not in fact. He didn’t hear to the quite a lot of aspect. He ridiculed it. In fact, that’s what his like-minded listeners wanted to listen to. However Limbaugh didn’t simply preach to the choir. He shouted on the choir, browbeat it unless its participants fell in lockstep with him. The worse he bought, the more devoted they modified into.

Limbaugh did now not invent the belief that he modified into once appropriate and if you happen to disagreed with him you had been sinful. However with Limbaugh you were not simply sinful. You had been also faulty, lifeless, now not price hearing, even harmful.

Engage a spin around Twitter and examine how that influence has unfold. Or note Fox News or MSNBC. Limbaugh modified into once appropriate there on the ground floor of widening this division.

Now dying has silenced Limbaugh. However it is going to now not silence his influence and his legacy. It lives on in the hateful debate that plagues the nation and presentations no signal of abating.


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What’s Urge Limbaugh’s media legacy? The radio host left hate and ugliness in his wake