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When Catwoman met Lady Chicken

When Catwoman met Lady Chicken


This season of Silence is Now not an Likelihood is all about brave contributors who stand up for what’s horny — even when it manner breaking the principles. Host Don Lemon will fragment tales about Harry Belafonte, Eartha Kitt, and others who aged their fame to be in contact out against injustice. Don will even highlight the tales of replace-makers who deserve bigger recognition, like Claudette Colvin and Bayard Rustin. So, method meet the rabble-rousers and truth-tellers who set up the whole lot on the road when silence is no longer an option.

  • When Catwoman Met Lady Chicken

    Early Newspaper

    Don’t call Eartha Kitt an “mad Unlit girl.” That’s how Eartha modified into portrayed when she spoke truth to vitality and criticized the Vietnam War and wealth inequality in front of President Johnson and the First Lady. The intrepid transfer worth her profession alternatives and even triggered a CIA investigation, however she aloof came out on top. Don Lemon speaks with CNN’s senior entertainment author Lisa Respers France and Eartha’s daughter, Kitt Shapiro, about the megastar’s uncompromising presence – on the stage and that iIssue extran the White Home.

  • The Crew That Took on a Senator

    What would you effort to battle racism? In 2020, the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream set up paychecks on the road to be in contact up for Unlit Lives Matter and against their owner, previous Senator Kelly Loeffler. It modified into an unheard of match between avid gamers and householders, and the course of U.S. politics hung within the balance. In this week’s episode, Don Lemon discusses WNBA participant activism with sports activities and politics author Jemele Hill, and the Atlanta Dream’s Elizabeth Williams and Renee Sir Bernard Law fragment how they pushed foIssue extrar replace. 

  • A Elated Civil Rights Chief Pushed into the Shadows

    Bayard Rustin organized the March on Washington and informed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on order nonviolent motion, however this Civil Rights hero didn’t gather his upright due at the time because he modified into overjoyed. For this special Pride month episode, Don Lemon affirms Rustin’s rightful situation in history and explores how Rustin persevered despite non-public assaults. Don and CNN Nationwide Political Author Brandon Tensley focus on Rustin’s lifelong force at the intersection of Unlit and LGBTQ rights, and why he Issue extraonly joined the overjoyed rights movement later in life.

  • The Officer Who Didn’t Stand By

    When previous Buffalo police officer Cariol Horne seen a colleague set up a handcuffed Unlit man in a chokehold, she said she knew she had to develop something. Her intervention worth her job and her pension. On this day’s podcast, Don Lemon hears from Horne and her authorized expert, Harvard Rules Professor Ron Sullivan, about that fateful day in 2006 and their ensuing correct battle that lasted till loyal months ago. And what does Horne’s case imply for national police reform? 

  • Fifteen-300 and sixty five days-Used Freedom Fighter

    Each person’s heard the memoir of Rosa Parks, however few know of Claudette Colvin, the 15-300 and sixty five days-standard girl who modified into arrested in 1955 for refusing to resign her seat to a White passenger… 9 months before Parks. So why wasn’t she the face of the movement? Don Lemon explores Colvin’s life and legacy with CNN anchor Abby Phillip and student Beverly Guy-Sheftall. And formative years activist Anya Dillard shares what activists this day can learn from Colvin’s battle for justice.  

  • Season 2: Rabble-Rousers and Truth-Tellers

    Change doesn’t happen with out taking dangers, with out brave activists who stand up for what’s horny even when it’s unlucky. This season, Don shares the tales of those who aged their fame to shine a light-weight on injustice like Harry Belafonte and Eartha Kitt. But additionally, you will hear the tales of replace makers who deserve bigger recognition, like a teen who took a stand on a Sir Bernard Law bus before Rosa Parks and the police officer who stopped a chokehold. We’re talking about the people whIssue extrao know that talking out sometimes manner breaking the principles. So, method meet the rabble-rousers and truth-tellers who set up the whole lot on the road when silence is no longer an option. 

  • Secure Each and each Pronounce and Stutter

    The so-called Unlit Nationwide Anthem modified into aloof in 1900, and it’s equipped a soundtrack to Unlit life ever since. For this special Unlit History Month episode, CNN’s Don Lemon speaks with Secure. James Clyburn, historian Prof. Imani Perry, and Howard College choir conductor Eric Poole about the tune’s history, cultural significance, and ambitious staying vitality over the past century. And the method it’s now extra relevant than ever. 

  • The Axe Recordsdata: Nikole Hannah-Jones

    When Nikole Hannah-Jones modified into a excessive college pupil at a predominantly white college in Waterloo, Iowa, she complained to a teacher that the faculty newspaper wasn’t overlaying tales that mattered to Unlit students. He told her she had two alternate choices: live complaining or inaugurate writing for the paper and telling her accept as true with tales. She joined the paper, launching what modified into a infamous profession writing for publications like ProPublica and The Original York Times Journal. Nikole is effectively-known for her reporting Issue extraon segregation and racial inequities in education however lately gained a Pulitzer Prize for The 1619 Challenge, which traces the legacy of slavery all the method through American history. She joined Axe Recordsdata host David Axelrod to focus on what it modified into like rising up in working-class Iowa, how she finds motivation in being underestimated, and the inspiration and advent of The 1619 Challenge.

    First and most major launched: September, 2020

  • Unlit to the Future

    A document assortment of Unlit candidates ran for situation of labor this 300 and sixty five days, representing no longer only their constituencies, however also the form of views that exist among Unlit Americans. Don talks to 2 newly elected representatives, Mondaire Jones (D-Original York) and Cori Bush (D-Missouri), about their platforms, their suggestions for Congress, and the manner ahead for Unlit politics. 

  • Unlit Ladies people Did That

    Unlit ladies people are largely to blame for electing The US’s next president. They secure got been one in every of the Democratic occasion’s most legitimate voting blocs for a essentially very prolonged time. Why? Don talks with LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Unlit Voters Matter, about how their votes were earned within the 2020 election. Furthermore, Florida Democratic Secure. Frederica Wilson discusses the pleasure surrounding VP-elect Kamala Harris and her affiliation with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated (AKA).

When Catwoman met Lady Chicken