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Where’s Robin? Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks Batman, Joker Nod in ‘Mr. Corman’

Where’s Robin? Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks Batman, Joker Nod in ‘Mr. Corman’

Robin’s beautiful-hand man! Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s new Apple+ series, Mr. Corman, affords a nod to his work in The Dismal Knight Rises — but, oddly ample, the actor didn’t be taught too noteworthy into it when he developed the fable line.

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In episode five, titled “Circulate Lope,” his persona, Josh, attends a Halloween social gathering with his roommate, Victor (conducted by Arturo Castro), who goes as Batman. Even extra, the most efficient chums procure into a heated argument with a partygoer that is dressed up as the Joker.

“In actual fact, your entire assorted characters in that loopy strive against sequence are all obtain of quite quite so much of archetypes of masculinity. There’s a cowboy and a soldier and a Viking. And then there’s a superhero. And after I assumed, ‘OK, well, who’s the superhero? What superhero would be beautiful for Arturo Castro to be? What superhero would [Victor] would prefer to be?’ Clearly, he would would prefer to be Batman. That’s who he would would prefer to be,” Gordon-Levitt, 40, solely informed Us Weekly in regards to the episode, which drops on Friday, August 27. “So that you just may maybe maybe be completely correct, I think it’s in actuality obtain of a coincidence that I was in a Batman movie. But, , stare, Batman looms gargantuan in all of our sectors.”

Heath Ledger Thru the Years

The Looper actor starred as John Blake in the 2012 thriller, completing director Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of the Caped Crusader, which was conducted by Christian Bale. In 2008’s The Dismal Knight, Heath Ledger made the Joker his cling with a harrowing new stare consisting of white, sad and pink make-up, which the Australia native utilized himself, and inexperienced hair. That version of the villain was proven in Mr. Corman.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Featured Batman and Joker in ‘Mr. Corman’: It Was ‘Sort of a Coincidence’

Heath Ledger as the Joker in ‘The Dismal Knight.’
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Ledger would later win a posthumous Oscar for his portrayal of the outlaw. He died at age 28 of an unintentional overdose in January 2008.

Years sooner than joining the DC Comics universe, Gordon-Levitt and Ledger starred collectively in 1999’s 10 Things I Abominate About You. A now-infamous meme presentations the actors in the rom-com with the tagline: “That moment … When you find out The Joker and Robin went to high faculty collectively.”

Though the HitRecord creator’s Dismal Knight Rises persona passed by John, it’s printed in the final moments that his birth title is Robin. He also received Bruce Wayne’s Batman gear and the coordinates to Wayne Manor’s secret lair. Whatever the revelation, Gordon-Levitt didn’t trail into “Circulate Lope” with the recommendation that Josh was the Robin to Victor’s Batman. (In truth, he went in an fully assorted costume altogether.)

“That wasn’t the belief, no. I sincere belief it’d be no doubt fun to contain this persona be Batman. I knew, obviously, like, I was in Batman, so that’ll be comic, but I assumed that that could also be … I direct I was looking forward to these kinds of, , the target market wondering these kinds of things,” he informed Us. “I love it when there’s kind of meta, irregular stuff going on in motion photos and presentations.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Featured Batman and Joker in ‘Mr. Corman’: It Was ‘Sort of a Coincidence’

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake in ‘The Dismal Knight Rises.’
Warner Bros Photography/Kobal/Shutterstock

Gordon-Levitt aged imagery for the vividly striking strive against sequence in Mr. Corman. Instead of the Bat-Assign, he aged a UPS-Assign, a cry-out to Victor’s job, and even Shock’s Thor popped up.

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“Those sequences reach when the persona’s feeling feelings that are so kind of immense or unexplainable that a grounded life like scene sincere will fail to explain how it feels,” he explained to Us. “I don’t know that the target market would no doubt feel it [otherwise]. And so most incessantly you sincere obtained to switch into something higher than life …”

Regardless of Gordon-Levitt’s flashback to Gotham City, don’t rely on him to reprise his operate in the franchise. “Of us continually place a question to me about it. And I treasure it,” he informed Us. “But yeah, no.”

Fresh episodes of Mr. Corman topple on Apple+ every Friday.

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Where’s Robin? Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks Batman, Joker Nod in ‘Mr. Corman’