Home Enterprise Tech WhiteHat Jr founder departs a year after selling to Byju’s

WhiteHat Jr founder departs a year after selling to Byju’s

WhiteHat Jr founder departs a year after selling to Byju’s

Karan Bajaj, the founder and chief executive of WhiteHat Jr, is leaving the agency a year after selling the startup for $300 million to Indian edtech giant Byju’s.

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In an email to workers on Wednesday, Bajaj and Byju’s founder and chief executive Byju Raveendran said the departure follows a “mutually decided” resolution made at the time of acquisition of WhiteHat Jr.

Chatter about Bajaj leaving the agency has been floating around for extra than a quarter. TechCrunch inquired Byju’s in early April if Bajaj was going to leave the agency, a detail India’s most valuable startup brushed aside as false at the time.

Days later, Byju’s announced it was rebranding its international enterprise as Byju’s Future Faculty and Bajaj as its leader.

In the email today, Raveendran said, “whereas I want he would’ve stayed longer, Karan is a force of nature and accustomed to making unconventional alternatives, as you all know, and I want him most animated the correct for what will certainly be an thrilling path ahead.”

Raveendran said Trupti Mukker, who beforehand oversaw the customer ride at WhiteHat Jr, will now be leading WhiteHat Jr.

WhiteHat Jr, which teaches adolescents coding, math, and science to college students in several markets together with India, Australia and the U.S., is one in all the fastest increasing edtech startups in India. The startup has also drawn attention because of its unusual step to sue critics.

“All in all, I’m actually very inflamed to your path ahead and deeply grateful for allowing me to be a part of your lives for this intense, challenging nonetheless deeply satisfying length we ride together,” wrote Bajaj to workers today.

Byju’s has made a series of acquisitions — together with those of U.S.-based Account, physical coaching centre chain Aakash and Asian edtech Great Learning — in latest months as the Indian edtech giant looks to aggressively expand into fresh markets and broaden its product offerings.

In the U.S, Byju’s now has three businesses that he expects would clock $100 million in revenues each this year, he told TechCrunch in a latest interview.

He said the startup acquires other corporations and helps them stout-charge their increase and the original founding teams proceed to oversaw those operations.

WhiteHat Jr founder departs a year after selling to Byju’s