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Why Awkwafina’s casting as the awkward dragon Sisu in ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ is pure Disney magic

Why Awkwafina’s casting as the awkward dragon Sisu in ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ is pure Disney magic


Actress and comic Awkwafina has flown into the world of Disney in the contemporary provocative movie “Raya and the Last Dragon.”

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There comes a time when any actor asked by Walt Disney Studios to whine a legendary dragon for a most indispensable provocative movie would hit a inventive snag.

For Awkwafina, 32, that 2nd came when she was asked to growl as Sisu in “Raya and the Last Dragon” (on Disney+ top class and in theaters Friday). The “Crazy Effectively to establish Asians” megastar has many abilities, nonetheless dragon growl was no longer certainly one of them. She warned administrators Don Hall and Carlos López Estrada.

“I was a limited bit bit fearful about that,” Awkwafina says, speaking over Zoom from her Contemporary York Metropolis residence. “It was treasure, ‘Guys, I excellent desire you to grasp sooner than I accomplish the growl, I don’t know what this is going to sound treasure. I’m excellent preparing you.’ “

After about a recreation snarls, the filmmakers had been impressed. “They had been treasure, ‘It wasn’t that immoral.’ ” she remembers. No longer that it was a must-hang. The key to casting Awkwafina (born Nora Lum) for Disney’s provocative Southeast Asian adventure alongside princess Raya (Kelly Marie Tran) is that this blue fur-covered dragon appears to be like to be no longer so fearsome.

Overview: Disney fantasy ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ facets intense motion, amazing Awkwafina

“The opinion was to describe the memoir that Sisu is this amazing, mythical colossal-dragon, and Raya finds this to be a limited bit of an embellishment thru the years,” says Hall. “Instead, Sisu is a funny, self-deprecating dragon who sees herself as the perennial C-student.”

The food-obsessed, clumsy dragon (born Sisudatu) even admits onscreen, “I am no longer, treasure, the handiest dragon.” That makes the Awkwafina casting pure genius, despite the indisputable fact that nailing the efficiency now requires the actress to kick her self-deprecation abilities into overdrive.

More Awkwafina: She tells her ‘crazy’ origin myth in ‘Nora from Queens’

Awkwafina’s movie success is an ever-expanding universe in the wake of her fan-current turn in “Crazy Effectively to establish Asians” and her dramatic breakthrough in 2019’s “The Farewell.” During the industry work stoppage of the COVID-19 pandemic on my own, the Queens, Contemporary York-born rapper and actress, who broke out with the rowdy 2014 video “My Vag,” accomplished her “Raya” whine role remotely and accomplished her no longer going entry into the Surprise Universe with the are living-motion “Shang-Chi and the Memoir of the Ten Rings” (due out July 9).

The opinion blows her mind.

“Being in the Surprise universe and voicing a Disney provocative movie, that’s insane,” she stammers. “And that’s been a massive phase of my lifestyles this one year.”

Awkwafina felt treasure a certified massive shot when “Raya” filmmakers despatched her a distinct audio manufacturing tent for her residence recording acoustics. Some would grumble just a few six-foot-astronomical recording tent dominating their living room. She made it an adventure.

“I establish a lamp in there. And I was treasure, I wish to exhaust the remainder of my days here in this tent. I wish to retire in here,” Awkwafina says. “I asked Disney afterwards, ‘Hiya can I befriend it?’ And it was treasure, “Absolutely no longer. We desire that support straight.’ “

The intensive whine work continued when Awkwafina was quarantined in an Australian hotel last August, a required health measure to finish “Shang-Chi,”  which had halted manufacturing in March as a consequence of the pandemic. 

Playing the handiest pal Katy in Surprise’s first Asian-led superhero movie alongside Shang-Chi (Simu Liu), the actress tows the company line and keeps mum on specifics. Nevertheless don’t examine her to crush baddies in the kind of Michelle Yeoh, who reunited with her “Crazy Effectively to establish Asians” co-megastarfor the movie – and continued to remind Awkwafina about her unhappy posture. 

“Michelle Yeoh, tranquil, to this day, is treasure, ‘Nora, support straight.’ And I’m in a position to’t even accomplish that excellent,” says Awkwafina, who relents to “Shang-Chi” questioning with a Katy rationalization of kinds, promising to come support support with extra. (She did no longer.)

“I’m in a position to assert this, there was training. For definite. Was it as intense as everybody else? No,” she says. “I was treasure, I’m no longer excellent, so they are no longer going to hang me doing stuff treasure hanging off the facet of a building. Gash to me hanging off the facet of the building. So I was tranquil doing things.”

Her Sisu, too, has satisfying “Raya” combat moments requiring these roars. The genuine water dragon swimming moments, nonetheless, are strictly a Sisu thing.

“I’m no longer a excellent swimmer in any admire, dude. I’m in a position to accomplish a limited bit bit of a doggie journey from one stop of the sizzling bathtub to the other,” she says, comically plugging up her nostril. “When I accomplish whisk underwater, I in fact befriend my nostril treasure a child.”

But the character perfectly captures her seemingly boundless enthusiasm and affection. No longer to mention, a likeness. Awkwafina says it was an out-of-physique expertise seeing Sisu onscreen with her whine coming out. 

“Disney borrows in fact, in fact subtle things from you. I noticed there had been parts of the eyes, and my teeth. It was treasure, man, I must tranquil whisk to a dentist,” cracks Awkwafina. 

Add on her whine role of seagull Scramble in director Take Marshall’s are living-motion remake of “The Runt Mermaid” (due out in November), the whine role made distinguished by Buddy Hackett in the provocative original, and 2021 has the makings of a precise-lifestyles Awkwafina Disney fantasy. 

Nevertheless the megastar is forced to stop grounded with fixed standard lifestyles reminders, treasure when her prolonged family asks her for studio viewing links to find out about her Sisu role sooner than the “Raya” release.

“They’re hitting me up going, ‘Can I excellent derive one link?’ ” Awkwafina says. “And I’m treasure, ‘Demolish you think Disney excellent presents me links to present to you guys?’ I don’t even derive these kind of links.”


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Why Awkwafina’s casting as the awkward dragon Sisu in ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ is pure Disney magic