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Why did Trump’s lawyer David Schoen keep putting his hand on his head?

Why did Trump’s lawyer David Schoen keep putting his hand on his head?

(JTA) — What Donald Trump’s lawyer possible wanted: for The usa to utilize this evening talking about how the worn president used to be no longer responsible for the deadly Jan. 6 raid on the US Capitol. 

What he got as an replacement: a firestorm of speculation about why he held his hand over his head whenever he took a sip of water.

Early Newspaper

The Senate convened Tuesday for a historic first: worn President Donald Trump’s second impeachment. David Schoen, one of Trump’s impeachment lawyers, already requested (after which withdrew his quiz) for Trump’s trial to pause for the Jewish day of relaxation. Became once the fact that he lined his head while drinking also because he is an Orthodox Jew?

We didn’t ask Schoen, but we are in a position to suppose: Almost absolutely, yes. 

At any time when observant Jews drink or consume, they normally recite a blessing that capabilities the name of God before and after doing so. Jewish law, identified as halacha, stipulates that in stammer to claim God’s name, you’ll have to contain your head lined. Based on this truth, it’s possible that Schoen lined his head with his hand while he recited a blessing before drinking from his water bottle. 

So why wasn’t he wearing a kippah or one more head covering, as many observant Jewish males produce? 

“I merely wasn’t sure if it used to be acceptable, frankly,” Schoen mentioned after the listening to to a CNN reporter who requested him why did no longer wear a kippah. “I didn’t are seeking to offend anyone…It’s merely an ungainly component and people stare upon it.”

Whereas it’s handsome that nearly all Orthodox males in most cases wear a hat or a kippah (generally identified as a yarmulke) at all times, some elect now to no longer wear a head covering at work or in situations the gather being identified as a non secular Jew would possibly maybe maybe gather of abode off bother. 

In public courtrooms in converse, some observant Jews alarm that wearing a kippah would possibly maybe maybe lift extra scrutiny from antisemitic jury members, judges, or in this case, members of the public. 

Plus, the Senate bans head coverings, but carves out an converse exception for non secular requirements. The House, spurred on by Obtain. Ilhan Omar and interfaith groups, overturned their 181 12 months ban on head coverings in 2019. Schoen wore a kippah heading into the Capitol building, but selected now to no longer wear one on the floor.

If keeping off stares used to be Schoen’s intention, he didn’t succeed. The Mysterious Case of Hand on Head brought on confusion for many viewers and frenetic discussions on Jewish Twitter, the gather political polarization fell away in prefer of shared bemusement. 

Even observant Jews expressed confusion about why Schoen repeated his hand motion whenever he drank. Non secular law only requires a blessing before one’s first chunk (or sip) and after eating or drinking is done  — and using your gather hand to quilt your head doesn’t undoubtedly matter as a real covering in accordance with most Orthodox interpretations of halacha. So why did Schoen again and again quilt his head with his gather hand? 

Some claimed to explore Schoen using a bottle cap to quilt his head in divulge of merely his hand (which would recent its gather halachic points).

Others offered one more suggestion, drawn from their very gather journey as normal kippah-wearers:  Schoen would possibly be exhibiting a reflex to keep his generally-there kippah from sliding off of his head. 

Schoen used to be no longer the only Jewish lawyer within the court docket Tuesday. Main the team making the case for Trump’s impeachment used to be Jamie Raskin, a Maryland Democratic congressman and a constitutional scholar. Additionally on the team is Obtain. David Cicilline of Rhode Island.

Why did Trump’s lawyer David Schoen keep putting his hand on his head?