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Why I’ve Given Up Fixing My Soul-Destroying Mk1 Audi TT BAM

Why I’ve Given Up Fixing My Soul-Destroying Mk1 Audi TT BAM

After gifting my lady friend a Mk1 TT 225 BAM for her 30th birthday, loyal work to defend up it working has supposed I’ve thrown within the towel

Despite looking unhappy, I'm actually very glad to see the back of this TT
No matter trying uncomfortable, I’m undoubtedly very pleased to scrutinize the back of this TT

Final summer season, I sold the most extravagant birthday most contemporary I’ve ever sold within the form of a Mk1 Audi TT 225 ‘BAM’. The vehicle in quiz was to be my lady friend’s new day-to-day driver, and while I knew of some issues essential fixing, £950 was handed over to my fair appropriate friend, and the deal was carried out.

Early Newspaper

On the to-enact checklist was a brand new alternator, a brand new turbo, as well to a brand new cam chain and comfort defend an eye on module, however regardless of. I gave the keys to my lady friend and then whispered in her ear “the vehicle wants work, so that you might additionally’t eradicate it home but, however please defend smiling for the pics to cloak your disappointment”. And so the keys had been taken back straight away to permit work on the BAM to open.

What followed had been a pair of weekends spent with my fair appropriate friend Gareth (CT’s resident mechanic) pulling the engine out to bag the work carried out. What we didn’t realise at the time, on the opposite hand, is that the TT 225 BAM Quattro is the sphere’s most disgusting vehicle to work on for just a few causes:

  • Blueprint – there might be none below the bonnet, so except you’re pretty one with a mechanics’ degree, you’re screwed.

  • Complication – right here’s a vehicle with a cam chain and a cam belt, which plot double the ‘fun’.

  • The requirement of ‘particular’ instruments – even to bag the driveshaft off, I had to defend finish a brand new Torx position for the bloody factor.

  • Every part is good shit – regardless of what you enact, and regardless of how loyal you are, the TT will fight you every step of the absolute top plot. Nothing, and I imply nothing is easy when engaged on a Mk1 TT, so whenever you’re trying for a challenge vehicle to learn on, enact no longer, I repeat DO NOT create it a TT. Seriously, it’ll create you detest vehicles, and even writing this sentence is making my blood boil, so I’m going to sto….

Audi - Why I've Given Up Fixing My Soul-Destroying Mk1 Audi TT BAM - Blog

Anyway, after six weekends, £1000 in system, broken instruments and a friendship one utter a ways from turning into a horrendous crime scene, the vehicle was mounted and the keys handed back to my lady friend. And she or he bloody loved the factor; energy on faucet, the feeling of safety as a result of you take a seat low in a cocooning cabin, and heated seats – oh, how she loves heated seats!

Fast forward three months, on the opposite hand, and factors had been initiating to creep in; the coolant gentle would illuminate despite there being quite a bit of fluid, and then the windscreen wipers failed while my lady friend was riding by the Blackwall Tunnel, which plot that she had to tug in and wait out the rain for an hour. Never mind, I pulled the wiper motor unit out, pulled the wiper hands apart and re-greased them. Straightforward repair.

Audi - Why I've Given Up Fixing My Soul-Destroying Mk1 Audi TT BAM - Blog

After which, one month after that, the rear brake began binding to the level that any long crawl (extra than 30 minutes) would end result within the vehicle noticeably slowing itself down and the handbrake lever refusing to hump. So that was on the checklist of issues I essential to repair too.

And one month after that, the true concern began. A phone call from my lady friend published that the vehicle was making a horrendous noise from the entrance “below the bonnet” and that something didn’t undoubtedly feel merely with the steering. After instructing her to drive the four miles home fastidiously, and upon checking the energy steering reservoir, my fears had been confirmed – either the energy steering pump was knackered (easy repair) or the steering rack was a goner (game over).

Audi - Why I've Given Up Fixing My Soul-Destroying Mk1 Audi TT BAM - Blog

And would you watched it, it was the steering rack that was pissing out fluid, which is a subframe out job to change. Which raised two questions:

  1. Stop I hold the persistence to tug the subframe out again to enact the job?

  2. Will the subframe bolts ever attain out seeing as although they’d been Loctited in only just a few months ago?

The retort to those questions had been ‘hell no’ and ‘I don’t hold sufficient adore for this vehicle to search out out’, so I called Gareth, told him the loyal recordsdata and his response was the equal as mine – “It’s time to throw within the towel and know when to forestall”.

Which is precisely what I did, and after a noteworthy discussion with my lady friend (which resulted in proper tears), the resolution was made to bag rid.

This is not a fun engine to work on.
Here’s no longer a fun engine to work on.

And so there ends my sorry saga with the Mk1 TT 225 BAM, a vehicle that’s intellectual when it undoubtedly works, however a nightmare to live with when it doesn’t. Happily, the vehicle was sold by a recent-confronted vehicle nut named Ben who’s pulling the engine to be used in his Mk2 VW Golf (a neatly-liked swap).

He’s already received to work on the challenge, and has told me of a pair extra factors that I didn’t know about, one in every of which plot that me casting off the TT was 100 per cent the unswerving resolution. For starters, the radiator was leaking (extra expense to attain back for me, however of no divulge for Ben as a result of it’s no longer being archaic for his build), however most being concerned was the indisputable fact that the rear smash bar has clearly been hit within the previous, so most doubtless a extremely lucky spoil out!

With the TT now a donor vehicle and the energy steering fluid stains unruffled recent on my driveway, I’ve since sold my lady friend a brand new vehicle with a Third of the energy, triple the gasoline financial system and (contact wood) 100 x the reliability. Her 2012 VW Up (Excessive Up) is a if truth be told cracking microscopic vehicle to this level, which that you would be succesful to also read extra in every week or so.

Unless then, although, let this account be a lesson to you all to take hold of when it’s time to call it quits on a challenge vehicle!

Why I’ve Given Up Fixing My Soul-Destroying Mk1 Audi TT BAM