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Why TV host was banned from his new show

Why TV host was banned from his new show

You’ve seen him on Holey Moley, and also you’re going to be seeing powerful extra of him on the Final Ticket.

Weak sprinter Matt Shirvington shall be performing alongside ragged sports journalist and TV presenter Abbey Gelmi to host the excessive-intensity show, but don’t count on to sight him on any of the obstacle classes.

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While he was desirous to fetch available and bewitch a sight at out the extra than one classes featuring diversified barriers the place Expert Taggers will deserve to trek, volt, bustle, dodge and jump, EP’s banned him from trying it out.

“I desperately desired to and was vastly motivated by our Expert Taggers and their agility, alternatively at any time when I stepped foot on one of the most barriers our govt producers would very hasty relate me ‘Gain down off the barriers’ because they couldn’t afford to absorb the hosts fetch injured to gradual down the shoot… alternatively it didn’t terminate Abbey having rather jump on the packing containers and vaults!” he said in an announcement to news.com.au.

“There are some narrative classes within the show and the one I desired to kind out the most was The Alley. It’s exactly what it appears like, and is analogous to running down the abet alley of a New York street there’s fences, packing containers and steam jets coming at you. You’ve acquired to be so hasty and agile, it’s like being in an implausible funds film plug.

Shirvington is Australia’s 2d quickest runner (after Jack Hale), so it’s no surprise that he was desirous to fetch available.

As an different, he retains himself fit doing diversified issues.

“I strive to absorb something daily, alternatively it does change into complicated with a busy time desk. I retain a capsules ball within the automobile and at any time when I finally absorb a spare hour I absorb an explosive vitality tremendous build. I combine energy exercises, interval shuffle runs and laps mixed with longer patience runs.”

Final Ticket begins this Sunday at 7pm on Seven.

Why TV host was banned from his new show