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Winners of the 2021 Presidential Award of Volunteerism announced

Winners of the 2021 Presidential Award of Volunteerism announced

Twelve winners of the 2021 Presidential Award for Volunteerism had been announced on Wednesday, June 16.

The medal is devoted to of us that have carried out foremost work in strengthening communities, as well to showing nationwide resilience in the route of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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The award, created by an initiative of the Presidential Institution in collaboration with the Nationwide Council for Volunteering, will seemingly be presented by President Reuven Rivlin to volunteers and organizations.

“One of the final things I attain earlier than the terminate of my term is to award the ‘Presidential Award for Volunteering,'” Rivlin acknowledged.

These are the winners for 2021:

• Orna Shimoni – 80 years historical from Kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov. She misplaced her son Eyal, who fell in Lebanon, and in his memory established the “Bet Eyal” heart for the rehabilitation of the disabled, the Heart for the Commemoration of IDF Martyrs Victims of Hostility from Lebanon, and the “Flower Hill Gathered” in memory of Beit Shemesh college students murdered in Aram Naharayim.

• Odelya Fitoussi – 42 years historical from Bat Yam, suffers from a degenerative illness and works to mix and promote the rights of of us with disabilities. She serves as chairperson of the Advisory Committee on Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities in the Ministry of Justice, and is Israel’s first representative on the UN Committee of Specialists.

• Erez Perlmutter – 55 years historical from Ramat Gan, established the “Kol Zchut” (Voice of Rights) web scream that helps of us know their rights.

• Hazima Maher – 39 years historical from Kfar Magar, is chairman of the “Rav Kiyum” (Sustainable) association and works in the direction of strengthening the connection between the assorted sectors of society.

• Miriam Indbag – 93 years historical from Jerusalem, volunteers at the “Birkat Ha’aretz” (Blessing of the Land) group that helps farmers. She misplaced her son in the Yom Kippur Struggle and has created many initiatives in his name.

• Dr. Tamara Kolitz – 41 years historical from Tel Aviv, founder of “Lemaanam (For Their Sake) – Physicians for Holocaust Survivors.”

• “Ashuja’an Affiliation for Juvenile Diabetes” – works for kids and children with diabetes in Arab society.

• “Hoshen Training and Switch” group – works for equality, inclusion and security for the proud community through meetings, discourse and training.

• The “Tene Briut” (Give Health) group – works to promote health and training rights among Ethiopians.

• “Chums” Affiliation – offers non-scientific first support on the facet dual carriageway.

• The “Kolna Yerushalayim” association – brings together residents of east and west Jerusalem on a diversity of platforms to minimize the gaps between them.

• The “Medication and Happiness” Affiliation – offers support and increase to patients and their households.

Winners of the 2021 Presidential Award of Volunteerism announced