Home Story Wisconsin driver survives 70ft plunge from snow-lined bridge

Wisconsin driver survives 70ft plunge from snow-lined bridge

Wisconsin driver survives 70ft plunge from snow-lined bridge

A driver in Wisconsin has spoken of surviving a frightful 70ft plunge from a snow-lined bridge, at the side of his pickup truck’s fall and landing captured on a dramatic video.

Richard Lee Oliver talked about he became as soon as driving to his mom’s home in Milwaukee on Saturday when his truck climbed a bank of snow at the aspect of an interchange ramp of the I-94 dual carriageway, went over a barrier wall and after a frightful tumble, landed on its roof on a westbound lane of the dual carriageway underneath.

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“There became as soon as correct too grand snow on the aspect of the boulevard that as soon as the tyres received into, like, 2ft of snow there’s no controlling a automobile of any kind,” Oliver urged ABC’s Appropriate Morning The United States in an interview from his health facility bed aired on Thursday.

Talking with some tell, his neck in a brace, Oliver choked up when he talked about annoying he would maybe perhaps die there, and talked about two those that witnessed the accident stopped to abet.

“They held me in the again of my truck and helped me call my mom correct in case I wasn’t gonna make it,” Oliver added.

The authorities were amazed at the stroke of success that supposed the falling automobile didn’t hit any traffic underneath.

Oliver didn’t impress the extent of his accidents, nonetheless the video showed him in a health facility bed seemingly no longer transferring grand, and with facial lacerations. The Milwaukee county sheriff’s office talked about on Saturday that when officers reached the scene Oliver became as soon as awake and breathing and exhibiting no indicators of impairment.

The fall became as soon as captured by traffic monitoring cameras from the Wisconsin division of transportation. The video exhibits Oliver’s truck leaving the ramp in a puff of snow and appearing to flip in midair sooner than landing the other design up.

Oliver’s fiancee, Candice Haid, urged GMA they were fresh americans. “I became as soon as thankful that he became as soon as alive. Now we possess a six-month-outmoded toddler at home, so correct in fact joyful that he made it by it and no person else became as soon as injure,” she talked about.

Wisconsin driver survives 70ft plunge from snow-lined bridge