Home Australia ‘Without free parking they wouldn’t discontinuance’: From bypassed city to caravan haven

‘Without free parking they wouldn’t discontinuance’: From bypassed city to caravan haven

‘Without free parking they wouldn’t discontinuance’: From bypassed city to caravan haven

A regional city in Western Australia says a controversial circulate to offer free caravan relaxation stops is paying off — without reference to opposition from the holiday park enterprise. 

Key factors:

  • The City of Bunbury says a trial of free caravan net sites has proved a success
  • The two-year trial of the free net sites has generated $360,000 for the native economic system
  • Primary holiday park neighborhood Discovery Parks says the circulate is unfair to non-public operators

The City of Bunbury preferrred night time voted to assemble permanent a two-year trial to enable caravans to discontinuance for free shut to Support Seaside, shut to the centre of town, for up to 48 hours.

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The selection was once made without reference to tension from one in all Australia’s greatest caravan park groups — Discovery Parks — which said a vogue by native governments during Australia to offer free net sites was once unfair to non-public operators.

Free net sites generate ‘$360,000’ 

The City of Bunbury, two hours’ pressure south of Perth, has lengthy tried to capitalise on tourists travelling by draw of to the more high-profile locations of Margaret River and Busselton. 

And Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan said the two-year, free-relaxation-stop trial had executed correct that by producing $360,000 for the native of us and attracting 2,500 travellers. 

He brushed off enterprise suggestions that the free relaxation areas lured paying customers faraway from non-public caravan parks. 

“The feedback we now grasp bought is that without the free parking areas, they wouldn’t discontinuance here,” he said. 

He said the native of us had been overwhelmingly particular about permitting a diminutive neighborhood of caravans to discontinuance for free, for a minute time.

A sign says Welcome to Bunbury - Ocean Drive - Maximum 7 vehicles permitted

One of the net sites for free caravans on Ocean Force in Bunbury.(

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Trial ‘unfair’ to non-public operators 

However the choice to offer free caravan relaxation areas in Bunbury has pissed off non-public operators,  who offer unpowered net sites for approximately $35 a night time.

Grant Wilckens is the CEO of Discovery Parks, which has about 60 non-public parks Australia — including two in Bunbury. 

He said enterprise research urged guests at free net sites spent decrease than those in industrial parks. 

Mr Wilckens said non-public operators contributed to the native of us — noting Discovery Parks was once investing $1 million in a $1.7 million water park in Bunbury — and defended the tag he charged for customers to discontinuance on the park.

“A $40 powered location is a extraordinarily cheap fare while you’re getting salvage admission to to the total mountainous services treasure leaping pillows and camp kitchens,” he said.

‘We wouldn’t grasp stayed’ 

Caravanners on Ocean Force said without the free net sites, they would not grasp stayed in a single day in Bunbury — thanks to the tag of non-public parks.

Queenslanders Kelly and Glen Howland were travelling for approximately eight months, and stopped in Bunbury thanks to the choice to discontinuance there for free.

“If we were paying for a caravan park, we wouldn’t be ready to rush and reach that, we wouldn’t be ready to leer net sites and rush to the Dolphin Discovery centre and employ our money in town.” 

‘Without free parking they wouldn’t discontinuance’: From bypassed city to caravan haven