Home Enterprise Tech Y Combinator-backed Vue Storefront aims to be the ‘glue’ for e-commerce

Y Combinator-backed Vue Storefront aims to be the ‘glue’ for e-commerce

Y Combinator-backed Vue Storefront aims to be the ‘glue’ for e-commerce

“Headless commerce” is a phrase that will get thrown spherical lot (I’ve typed it a number of times today already), nevertheless Vue Storefront CEO Patrick Friday has an especially incandescent formulation of utilizing the principle to illustrate his startup’s space in the broader ecosystem.

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“Vue Storefront is the bodiless front stop,” Friday acknowledged. “We’re the strolling head.”

In other phrases, whereas most headless commerce corporations are targeted on creating attend-stop infrastructure, Vue powers the front stop, particularly the modern internet applications with which consumers if reality be told work together. The firm describes itself as “the lightning-swiftly front-stop platform for headless commerce.”

Friday acknowledged that he and CTO Filip Rakowski created the Vue Storefront technology as an open-offer venture whereas working at e-commerce company Divante, before eventually spinning it out into a separate startup closing year. The firm become also fragment of the most up-to-date class at accelerator Y Combinator, and it these days raised $1.5 million in seed funding led by SMOK Ventures and Movens VC.

“We had to dwelling up a original entity in the center of COVID, we had to elevate in the center of COVID and we had to persuade the company to get rid of the product in the center of COVID,” Friday acknowledged. He even recalled signing papers with an investor one morning in early December and doing an interview with Y Combinator that evening.

As they’ve created a industry spherical the core open-offer technology, Friday and his team believe realized that Vue has extra to provide than sharp constructing internet apps, because it connects e-commerce platforms care for Magento and Shopify with headless grunt management systems care for Contentstack and Contentful, payments systems care for PayPal and Stripe and other third-get together companies.

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Essentially, Friday acknowledged customers believe been telling them, “You are care for the glue. Headless become so complex to me, and then I got this Vue Storefront thing to advance in on top the entirety else and be the glue connecting issues.”

The platform has been extinct to develop extra than 300 stores worldwide. Friday acknowledged adoption has accelerated as the pandemic and ensuing boost in e-commerce believe pushed agencies to realize they’re utilizing “this legacy platform, utilizing outdated-normal frameworks and technologies from a factual four or 5 years in the past.”

Rakowski added, “We also compare that many customers if reality be told advance to us deciding that Vue Storefront can be the first step of migration to another platform. We are able to swiftly migrate the front stop and write attend-stop agnostic code.”

Because it had sharp raised funding, the Vue Storefront team did not participate in the fresh YC Demo Day, and this is able to perchance well additionally be presenting at the subsequent Demo Day as a substitute. In the period in-between, the firm will be holding its gain virtual Vue Storefront Summit on April 20.

Y Combinator-backed Vue Storefront aims to be the ‘glue’ for e-commerce