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‘You can run away from it’: Elon Musk jokes about his ‘pleasant’ robot [watch]

‘You can run away from it’: Elon Musk jokes about his ‘pleasant’ robot [watch]

We’ve seen this thought play out a thousand times within the realm of science-fiction: robots taking on the realm.

However whereas Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is serving to to hiss the future to our fingertips with his newest form — a robot powered by man made intelligence (AI) within the humanoid derive — he believes it received’t pose any significant dangers to the human run.

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A minimum of, that’s what he hopes…


The “Tesla Bot”, which utilises the corporate’s identical autopilot gadget, will boast some seriously frigid parts, claims Elon Musk.

The tech guru made the announcement last week correct thru Tesla’s AI Day, the build he claimed that a prototype will most most likely be ready as early as next year.

So what can the Tesla Bot end?

In accordance to the South African born entrepreneur, the robot, which is code-named ‘Optimus’ (sub-top, he joked) will most most likely be in a rating 22 situation to end a vary of actions, collectively with “eliminating unhealthy, repetitive and dumb tasks”.

“Can you consult with it and say, ‘please rating up that dash and attach it to a automobile with that wrench,’ and it will soundless be in a rating 22 situation to end that…’Please roam to the retailer and rating me the following groceries.’ That form of thing. I derive we can end that.”.


The robot will most most likely be in human derive and will weigh 57kg, stand 5 toes 8 inches excessive (1.7m), be in a rating 22 situation to raise 20kg and switch as hasty as 5 miles (8km) per hour. It would possibly perhaps presumably furthermore enjoy five robot fingers on each hand and “a cowl displaying necessary files” within the derive of a face.

Elon furthermore claimed the robot would enjoy a “profound” impact on the economy and presumably end an absence of labour.

“What’s economy? It is, on the root, it is labour…

“What happens when there would possibly be no shortage of labor?” If all goes successfully in Musk and Tesla’s plans, these Tesla Bots will maintain those gaps and originate particular there are enough workers to roam around, even though they aren’t living and respiration individuals.

And Elon believes the Tesla Bot would possibly presumably cast off the job of physical labour, if that’s what humans want it to end..

 “What’s the work that individuals would least appreciate to end?…Bodily work will most most likely be a different. In expose for you to end it, you can, nonetheless you received’t want to”.

And Elon reassures (or on the very least tried to) that any concerns the robots would changed into too clever – or too robust – for their very beget lawful, became as soon as now not actually.

“We’re atmosphere it such that it is at a mechanical degree, at a physical degree, you can run away from it and presumably overpower it

“Optimistically that doesn’t ever happen…However you never know.”

The robot will most most likely be “pleasant” too, no topic which manner.

‘You can run away from it’: Elon Musk jokes about his ‘pleasant’ robot [watch]