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You never have to root for guys like Trevor Bauer

You never have to root for guys like Trevor Bauer

The Los Angeles Dodgers signed 2020 Nationwide League Cy Younger Award winner Trevor Bauer to a $102 million, three-one year contract on Friday afternoon, making him one of the best paid MLB player in 2021.

Per USA TODAY Sports actions, the contract has an opt-out clause after the first two seasons and pays Bauer $40 million in 2021 and $45 million in 2022. So far as pitching expertise goes, Bauer had a standout pandemic-curtailed 2020 season, topping the Nationwide League with a 1.73 ERA in 11 begins.

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There turned into never any doubt that Bauer would possibly possibly well be extremely compensated after changing into a free agent, and totally time will insist if the Dodgers screwed themselves with this huge deal. What I will firmly notify despite the fact that, is that despite his gigantic arm and now, bags and bags of cash, Bauer stays a deeply unlikeable online troll and harasser, and it’s OK to never root for guys like him.

Over the previous couple of years, Bauer has taken a page out of 1 other sports web squawk playbook and steadily engaged in harassment campaigns on social media, turning his a entire bunch of hundreds of followers on folks even a small bit serious of him. Most severely, Bauer went after a school Houston Astros fan after she tweeted he turned into her “least favourite person in all sports.”  Bauer barraged her Twitter memoir with messages, tagging her over 80 times in tweets, frequently calling her out despite the fact that she had long since stopped responding.

It turned into deplorable, unfriendly conduct that Bauer never apologized for. When pushed by the media, he as an quite loads of made himself out to be the sufferer and described the harassment as “appropriate natured.”

the enviornment. I have been made conscious that a few of the interactions associated to a sigh Twitter alternate would possibly possibly well also simply have had a detrimental affect. That turned into no longer my blueprint. I’m going to wield the duty of my public platform extra responsibly within the slay.

— Trevor Bauer (トレバー・バウアー) (@BauerOutage) January 9, 2019

Despite his insist that he would possibly possibly well be employ the platform “extra responsibly” Bauer’s endured to invite his Twitter fans to pile on to everyday users as lately as October of 2020, going after a fan who talked about she didn’t favor to stare Bauer stop up in LA, as wisely one other user  who pushed Bauer on his conduct.

It’s sure that, after repeated makes an try at it, Bauer is conscious of exactly what form of harassment he’s endorsing. No longer totally does he no longer care, nevertheless seems to be to be to revel  in it, glorying in punching down without acknowledging the deep vitality imbalance he wields as a high-profile athlete.

Hiya everyone. @ZLess1995 has been blowing up my mentions the last couple hours making all forms of ridiculous accusations and judgements attempting desperately to accumulate consideration. Let’s all reach together to acquire this small boys day greater and provides him what he’s been begging for.

— Trevor Bauer (トレバー・バウアー) (@BauerOutage) July 27, 2018

Harassment is nice the tip of the Bauer expertise despite the fact that. He’s tweeted climate exchange denials, transphobic jokes and thinks President Barack Obama wasn’t born within the US.

the climate modified before humans and can simply exchange after. For us to ponder we are able to preserve watch over it’s far amazingly ego centric.

— Trevor Bauer (トレバー・バウアー) (@BauerOutage) February 10, 2017

that very same president who supposedly wasn’t born within the us did the particular same ban

— Trevor Bauer (トレバー・バウアー) (@BauerOutage) February 10, 2017

No longer totally is his Twitter presence in particular toxic, nevertheless it’s sure he hasn’t learned the relaxation from his unfriendly conduct neither is he in altering. Bauer sees himself as a riot or an outcast or no topic seems to be to be long-established, nevertheless in actual fact he’s unbiased appropriate an unlikable dude who has leveraged the flexibility to throw a ball.

From a 2019 Sports actions Illustrated profile:

“I strive to acquire the issues that I notify be based totally mostly in actual fact, based totally mostly in info, and unbiased,” Bauer says. “And if that’s the case, and you like to have to be upset at me for pointing out the fact, that’s your quite loads of. I don’t know if I’m no longer taken aback of sticking heart fingers in folks’s faces, or if I revel in it. But I stop up doing that loads.”

Expert sports has frequently valued expertise over personality and rewarded far extra reprehensible conduct than that of Bauer’s exact online outbursts. But that doesn’t mean fans have to stomach it. Yeah, Bauer has a appropriate arm and goes to acquire Scrooge McDuck money, nevertheless you never have to root for a man who thinks harassing girls online is a fun hobby.

You never have to root for guys like Trevor Bauer