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Your key to find a home in Tel Aviv

Your key to find a home in Tel Aviv

So, you have determined to rob the apartment of your dreams in Tel Aviv – the heart of Israel – great decision! Now you want to battle by means of the challenging path of of actually finding it. 

Or, you want to promote your house in Tel Aviv – one in every of the most sought-after cities in Israel. How enact you find the traders you are looking for to accept the value you deserve?

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The answer is the Yesh Nadlan real estate company, based on Dizengoff St. in the center of Tel Aviv.  

Why utilize Yesh Nadlan? Or not it’s totally straightforward – Yesh Nadlan is aware of Tel Aviv at a depth you may not find in completely different places, and due to this fact you can trust them.

Yesh Nadlan was established about a decade ago, by Shahar Rabinovich. Michael Kalmanovich later joined him as a partner.  Together, they bustle it, each having their personal tasks and areas of journey.

Michael deals with the sales facet of the business. He is in contact with the sellers of the properties, from the early stages to the profitable completion of the deal. He accompanies the sellers of the apartments all by means of the path of, keeping them updated regularly, allowing them to be fully part of the discussions and negotiations.  

 Michael Kalmanovich (credit: Tsafrir Vartenfeld) Michael Kalmanovich (credit score: Tsafrir Vartenfeld)

Kalmanovich says, “If it be an apartment in Tel Aviv – we market it. We have a vast range of apartments, from 2nd-hand apartments with a size of 2 rooms, by means of luxury apartments to apartments in new initiatives.”

Shahar, on the other hand, deals with the traders facet. He is the contact point for purchasers of the properties, accompanying them from the initial stages of presenting the properties to them, by means of negotiations till the signing of the agreement.  

Clearly, you can also find Michael showing apartments to a potential buyer or Shahar closely following a seller who actually came to him from a recommendation.

Ought to you are looking to promote or purchase apartment in central Tel Aviv or in the faded north, then Yesh Nadlan will make the path of remarkable smoother and easier. In correct a decade, Yesh Nadlan have sold and marketed a total bunch of apartments. 

Ought to you are looking to purchase an apartment, there are many factors that need to be taken into account. The location, your budget, the neighborhood and atmosphere, the surrounding landscape, parking, elevator, the quality of education, what the local cultural and entertainment facilities – after meeting with you, Yesh Nadlan will know exactly what you are looking for in your dream apartment.  

The headache of having to understand the nuanced and code-treasure language, typically aged when dealing with property, shall be a thing of the past, as Yesh Nadlan will explain all you want to know – in your language. Also, the normally-complicated phone conversations and emails and time wasted searching online, shall be avoided as Yesh Nadlan signify you and explain everything.  

Yesh Nadlan specialize in the central and faded north Tel Aviv areas. They have many years of journey in marketing and selling apartments.  In addition to marketing 2nd-hand apartments, Yesh Nadlan also markets new housing initiatives in the metropolis.  The Yesh Nadlan administrative heart has six real estate advisers, a marketing and digital manager and an administrative heart manager.  

Since entering the real estate market, Yesh Nadlan has established itself as leaders in the discipline for the following five reasons:

Professional service: They have skilled real estate consultants, who know each apartment supplied for sale in Tel Aviv, and know all the various neighborhoods in the metropolis.  

Advanced and top-quality digital marketing: For each apartment they advertise them using unfamiliar methods on a variety of platforms, in relate to reach maximum exposure and the maximum option of potential traders.  

Familiarity with many potential customers: They have accumulated during the firm’s many years of work in the metropolis.  

In depth journey: Of a total bunch of real estate transactions, which includes marketing and selling 2nd-hand apartments, and apartments in new initiatives, in a variety of areas in Tel Aviv.  

Shut and personal guidance: Whereas being continually updating on each detail, from the start till the top of the transaction.  

 Shahar Rabinovich (credit: Tsafrir Vartenfeld) Shahar Rabinovich (credit score: Tsafrir Vartenfeld)

Shahar Rabinovich, founding partner of Yesh Nadlan says, “As a real estate agency, we have a very unusual DNA, which is mainly influenced by the values ​​we introduced from home, and it is rooted in our team, and our clientele.  

“The administrative heart staff, for example, acts as a family nucleus. We have no hidden competition between agents, all and sundry has their personal feature, and all and sundry works collaboratively. “

“We treat our customers with the same level of respect and humanity. We give each of them personal and close guidance, and in most cases the relationship continues even after the transaction and deals are closed – we actually develop into pals.”   

The main purchasers Yesh Nadlan deal with are both housing developers or those interested in buying apartments for residential purposes.  

Anyone who wants to stay in Tel Aviv is aware of that they’re going to have to pay for it. Accordingly, the customers who are willing to pay are not willing to compromise on anything – Yesh Nadlan due to this fact provide an outstanding service in response. 

Most of Yesh Nadlan customers know what they want to rob, and come very targeted and goal-oriented. Many already stay in Tel Aviv, know the character of the apartments in the metropolis and the various neighbourhoods they are choosing from.  

“All americans who works in the administrative heart, loves Tel Aviv, is aware of it correctly and is aware of the apartments in it (each those supplied for sale and those that have been sold not too lengthy ago). Beyond that, they really fancy their job,” says Michael Kalmanovich, managing Partner of Yesh Nadlan.

“For us to accept to work is a privilege, we stand up in the morning with a smile, and examine forward to starting the work day. We examine it as a kind of mission, to find folks the apartment of their dreams – you can journey that first-hand in our work,” Shahar adds. 

“Since the establishment of Yesh Nadlan, we have engraved on our brand the values ​​of integrity, trust and professionalism.”

Michael concludes, “We have a very clear agenda – we want to change the image of realtors, which has not been so legal not too lengthy ago. We enact this by means of hard work and maintaining personal relationships and close contacts with each and each customer, till the close of the transaction – all whereas being transparent and paying attention to each detail. “

Shahar Rabinovich believes, “The most unusual thing about Yesh Nadlan is the way we invest in folks. We assume that the personal relationships and interactions we have with our colleagues and clientele is what defines our apt success.”  

Ought to you are considering both buying or selling an apartment in Tel Aviv – you ought to detached bear in mind using Yesh Nadlan. 

Contact details of Yesh Nadlan:  

Shahar Rabinovich – 054-2126202

Michael Kalmanovich – 054-4344601

Your key to find a home in Tel Aviv