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Zayn Malik debuts face tattoo

Zayn Malik debuts face tattoo

Zayn Malik has unveiled a mysterious new face tattoo.

After quite lots of months faraway from Instagram, the singer took to his legend over the weekend and uploaded a conclude-up snap of his face and one other photo of him fishing on a lake.

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The put up quick racked up over six million likes, but Zayn didn’t add a caption or share from now on little print.

Alternatively, followers had been like a flash to leer that the star had a new inking on his jawline and relate about interpreting exactly what the cursive script says.

“Carry out more? or démodé? Would Zayn form smth (something) French?” one follower asked, whereas one other illustrious: “Some of us mediate it be ‘De mama.'”

Zayn already has an intensive sequence of physique art, including a mandala have on his hand, a rose motif on the succor of his head, a wing have that extends up the correct facet of his neck and head, as properly as a chequered flag and lotus flower on his left forearm.

He also has the number 25 inked on his neck and a depiction of his girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s eyes in the heart of his torso.

Zayn Malik debuts face tattoo